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Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that affects most of us. It is a discomforting sensation that we experience when we drink or eat something cold, hot, sweet or breathe in cool air.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the underlying layer of the tooth (Dentin) is exposed, and the natural enamel coating is reduced. This could happen due to:
• Eating hot and cold foods simultaneously
• Regular use of salt based toothpastes
• Eating acidic foods regularly
• Brushing too hard
• Frequent teeth whitening procedures
• Excessive use of Mouth wash
• Plaque build-up

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Dencare contains superfine particles which smoothen tooth enamel and give natural shine to teeth. It strengthens the dentin & tooth enamel coating thus relieving pain caused by sensitive teeth and gums. It helps to kill & inhibit harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque formation on teeth.

Dencare also supports good oral health by :

  • Prevents Gum Disease
  • Improves Enamel Coating
  • Relieves Tooth Sensitivity
  • Reduces Toothaches
  • Promotes Fresh Breath

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