Over 30% Hernia Relapses occur within a year of Surgery. Grocare's Hernia Kit is the answer.

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Surgery Is Not The Answer to Gall Bladder Stones

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The leading cause of death in Diabetics is Heart disease. A Common Side Effect of most Diabetes drugs.

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Anonymous - Agra

February 2015 :
Im 27 year old and suffering from hiatus hernia for 3 years I was suffered a lot from hyper acidity and heart burn for 3 years. I consulted a doctor and taken his treatment for 6 months but not cured then doctor told me about endoscopy and found hiatus hernia then doctor told me that there is no treatment in alopathy excep...

Mike Delez, Alaska, USA

Thanks ! You have a quality product! I do believe it’s working for my Hernia !

Abdul Saleem Khan, Hyderabad

Good mrng sir thanks for suggesting me VC Kit for Varicocele pls know I am free with the pain for using the medicines for only 14 days Nervica, Acidim & Activiz. Thanks to you.

R. P. SAMY, Chennai

I am using your grocare products for my prolonged varicose vein problem and the pain in the affected areas has drastically reduced, upto 50%. Thanks a lot. I am taking this medicines for the past ten days only.

Jagan Mohan, Chennai

I have been taking your medicines for Gallbladder Stone for past 4 months, I have now undergone the test and found no stone. Therefore, I am stopping the medicines !!

Amos Elyau, Uganda

My wife who is 34 was diagnosed with acute cholecystisis or inflammation of the gall bladder. Recommendation was to visit a surgeon, no doubt for surgery to remove the gall bladder. You seem to be our hope of doing without surgery and yet get well! what is the remedy? I am in Uganda
3 Months Later :

Jannie, Sydney, Australia

Hello, I am Jannie from Sydney, Australia. My age is 51. I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stone 22 mm in size. I had associated symptoms and problems for over 4-5 months. Was advised removal of Gall bladder by my doctor friend. Another friend suggested Grocare’s name as alternative treatment without any need of surgery. I was told by this...

Anonymous, Gurgaon

I used to get severe pain in my upper abdomen after which I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stones after sonography. I was told that only options to get operated and get gall bladder removed. Thats when a friend suggested to call up Grocare India on their helpline. They gave me Acidim, GC and Lipican and very nicely explained how it will help me...

Laksmi, Chennai

I went for routine ultrasound and came to know that I have gallstones. But doctor told me that I have to remove my gall bladder through surgery and this is the only way. I was too afraid of surgery, so my friend, Sunder told me that he took Grocare’s medicine and was much better now. He also had same problem but he had much worse with pain...

P K Jain, New Delhi

I had taken your medicine Lipican for about six months and three months later lipid profile was taken. It showed a reduction in cholesterol from 259 to 199 and HDL went up from 33 to 42. I feel quite satisfied with this experience. I have used Hernica and found it to good results though can not give out numbers as I did not do any tests. Regards...

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Over 30% Surgically treated Hernia cases relapse within 2 years. Hernia (inflammation of intestines and resultant pressure on abdomen walls) continues to remain even after surgery.

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Did you know that Hiatal hernia is also known as esophageal hernia, hiatus hernia or a sliding hernia and is associated with GERD /heartburn

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