Grocare®'s Ayurveda Treatment For Patients Suffering From Asthma

Asthma can have multiple causes and is a complicated condition with no cure and varying severity. This gives us the impression that while asthma cannot be treated, it can certainly be managed to relieve symptoms and prevent exacerbations. These symptoms can be relieved at the time of occurrence with medication. Asthma can have several management strategies, which include the likes of avoiding triggers that vary from person to person, changing Lifestyle patterns, and the use of preventive measures.

Asthma does not generally happen without a reason. It is the response of the body when exposed to a certain trigger that constricts the bronchi and leads to the production of mucus. This, in turn, leads to the inhibition of oxygen flow to the person's lungs. Certain preventive measures that people suffering from asthma can take to avoid asthma are as follows.

Avoid Any Asthma Triggers

You are less likely to experience asthma attacks when you avoid the things that cause them. There can be e a number of triggers that set of an asthma attack, such as the following.

·        Dust mites

This can be prevented by the installation of an air filtration system for an air purifier in the house. Removal of carpets, spraying of pesticides, using a vacuum cleaner to clean places and rooms, and using impermeable mattress covers and pillow covers.

·        Cockroaches

The quickest way to prevent or get rid of cockroaches is by integrated pest management.

·        Animal dander

This has similar methods of prevention as the triggers mentioned above. Additionally, in cases of severe asthma, people can also think of giving the pet away.

Asthma action plans

An asthma action plan is a list of things you need to follow to maintain good control over your asthma. This list should include the following.

  • Avoid triggers
  • Recognition of any early symptoms of asthma attacks
  • Understand treatment plans for asthma maintenance and acute asthma attacks
  • Manage the symptoms is based on the severity of the asthma
  • Understand when it might be time to visit your doctor

To better maintain an asthma action plan, there is a rating that goes along with it. Each rating relates to a varied level of asthma control, with the corresponding plan of action for each rating.

  • Asthma under control is in the Green zone
  • Asthma that worsens is in the Yellow zone
  • When the patient need seek professional help, it is in the Red zone

Grocare®'s Ayurveda Treatment For Asthma

Grocare's asthma kit is extremely effective in cases of respiratory disorders as it comprises anticoagulant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, and expectorant properties. It consists of a herbo-mineral powder that significantly treats cough and flu symptoms. The kit helps in loosening and thinning rheum deposits within nasal cavities and the chest to ease breathing. This also helps the body in getting rid of the excess mucus that is produced.

Diya Star market is also found useful in improving cognitive ability. Since it is the new research-based product, users have noted improve reasoning, memory, cognitive, and problem-solving abilities. It also Shields users from intestinal troubles such as harmful bacteria, chronic gastritis, and parasites.

This asthma kit is designed to control asthma and alleviate associated symptoms. Each kit contains one bottle of Absogen® capsules and one bottle of Abronym® capsules. Each bottle has 60 capsules each of Absogen and Abronym. The kit is supposed to last for a period of 30 days for one person. Absogen and Abronym are scientifically proven to be effective against asthma and significantly relieve asthmatic symptoms.