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What is a hernia ?

The typical definition of a hernia is a bulging of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening. Ayurveda describes a hernia as a rupture due to swelling of the intestine. Over time, due to constant pressure, the swelling causes the abdominal wall to weaken. 

Your intestines push through a gap created in the muscle wall, causing pain and discomfort. Ayurveda classifies all types of hernias as similar in nature since they are due to swelling of the intestine. A hernia usually occurs in the abdomen. The pain associated with a hernia can limit many aspects of your life and work.

But just as a fractured bone can heal overtime with the right support, so can a hernia.


Why is intestinal swelling caused ?

Intestinal swelling can occur for many different reasons. The major contributors are a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, eating at irregular times, irregular sleep cycles, stress, medications, or a subclinical infection in the intestine – such as candida Albicans or Helicobacter Pylori.

Irregular meal or sleep timings leaves the food undigested, which can cause an imbalance in the gut microflora. This coupled with irregular bowel movements or a pH imbalance can further create stress in the intestines and cause them to swell.


Did you know over 35% hernia cases relapse within a few years of surgery?

During a hernia surgery, the abdomen is cut open, the intestine is placed back where it should be, and the abdominal wall is repaired using a mesh to make sure it doesn’t happen again. However, this surgical procedure does not address the root cause of the hernia. The internal inflammation will still be present, meaning the hernia could relapse over time. Patients often develop another hernia after an initial hernia surgery. Unless the problem is fixed from within, the hernia will continue to relapse over time.

Moreover, since a hernia is not life threatening and some people choose to resort to “watchful waiting” – in such a case they switch over to a healthier lifestyle and try to keep the hernia soft, so as to avoid complications. A supplement really helps in such cases.

Additionally, not everyone can get a surgery done – such as people with diabetes/ sensitive cases or people above the age of 60. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to us and we will guide you on how to control your hernia naturally. Our experience with over 15000 cases and an 80% success ratio makes us pioneers in this field.


Grocare® Hernia Kit

To successfully manage a hernia, Grocare® recommends the following:

      1. Ayurvedic Supplements

These can help reduce the swelling of the intestines, ensure that they are healthy and regulate bowel movements properly, and reduce intestinal inflammation.

      2. A healthy diet

A proper diet is very important if you want your digestive system to work properly. A healthy diet can help reduce stress on your digestive system to encourage and maintain a healthy gut microflora.

Grocare® has created a Herbal Hernia Kit which includes Hernica® & Acidim® to help your hernia naturally. This Hernia Kit helps to get rid of internal inflammation, increases the strength of your digestive system by balancing pH, and regulates bowel movements. Each of these feature acts to strengthen the intestines and reduces inflammation to return the digestive system to its healthiest state. This holistic treatment is a steady process. It can take up to a few months for you to see the full benefits. During this time, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Hernia Treatment Without Surgery - Hernia Kit By GrocareHernia Treatment Without Surgery - Hernia Kit By Grocare

This natural kit for hernia addresses the root cause. Tackling the root cause ensures that you will not have to recurring hernias after you finish treatment.

Symptomatic relief is usually seen within a few weeks, then digestion and bowel movement begin to regulate after 2-4 months. After this time, the hernia begins to soften and reduce in size. It is suggested that you initially take these medicines for 40 days so you can see the improvement in the time that you take it. Once you are satisfied with your results, it is recommended that you finish the entire course of them medications and wear a hernia belt after 4thmonth to keep the hernia soft & help reinforce the abdominal wall. Once the hernia has healed, it will not relapse because you’ve addressed the problem at its root.

Hernia Treatment Without Surgery - Hernia Kit By Grocare

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