Colitis Treatment

Grocare India presents the ultimate revolution in healthcare - XEMBRAN, STOMIUM & ACIDIM which have collectively helped thousands of people Heal Colitis.


Xembran is specifically designed as a bacteriostatic and bactericidal to control and eliminate H pylori and other harmful bacteria from the body and regulating the acidic levels in the body


Stomium, the only herbal medicine that is capable of detecting and eradicating sub-clinical infections. Its unique mode of action makes it stand apart in the entire medical field.


Acidim is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps balance the pH of the entire intestinal systems & abdomen seamlessly

How it works?

Modern lifestyle and eating habits lead to the weakening of intestinal linings resulting in a sub clinical bacterial infection attacking the intestinal crypts. The infection then multiplies due to weakness of the intestine and causes inflammation of the colon known as Colitis.

STOMIUM (Earlier Stomaid) attacks the sub clinical bacterial infection and causes it to become weak overtime. Xembran is a herbal bacteriostatic and its bactericidal action works along with the body's defense mechanism to eliminate the harmful bacteria. ACIDIM maintains optimum pH of the intestinal crypts to create a unfavorable environment for the infection and plasmolyse it thereby healing the intestinal tract and reducing the inflammation of the colon, thereby helping heal Colitis.

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How to Take

2 tablets ACIDIM and 2 tablets STOMIUM each immediately after breakfast and dinner. 1 tablet XEMBRAN after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner. Benefits like relief in pain and discomfort should be visible in 1.5 months. Total Treatment generally takes about 4 months but may vary depending on the severity of the case.

Asha Matta, Delhi, India

I was suffering from severe ulcer problems. stomachache after eating, indigestion, bloated stomach, low weight, weakness, and many other complications for quite some time. 6 months of Grocare's treatment (Xembran and Acidim) has nearly cured me. Thanks

Asha Matta, Delhi, India

Don Robinson Jr. Texas, USA

Hi I am 55 years age and was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for last several years. By accident, came in contact with Grocare from India and saw they talk a loud for healing Colitis. Having gone to top doctors of my country over many years, and claim coming from Asia, particularly India, I thought it would be another Internet loud talk. Therefore, with reluctant mind, I wrote to them and got a quick & convincing answer. Though the answer of Grocare was not on allopathic doctor's line of thinking, still there was a theory that sounded worth trying. So, I tried for just 1 month and saw benefits. This happened in August 2015 and Grocare asked me to take the products for at least 1 year. By December 2015, I started feeling over 50% better and since April 2016, are OFF Grocare products. Still, out of fear, I am keeping some stocks with me. I am very happy I met Grocare, thanks to them and wish them the very best....

Harihar Parrikar, New Delhi

Its been over a year since I was cured and I only recently thought of commenting on grocare medicines because I was undergoing another treatment with them. 
I started consuming these medicines in Jan 2014 for IBS. I was taking another medicine for Colitis. But Grocare told me to stop using as that medicine and couple restotab with this for colitis improvement. I thought how would the same medicines help in multiple conditions. They explained the technicalities to me at the time which I still dont understand. Either case, in about 2 months, there was reduction in stress and pain in the region and bowel movements became smooth. But I was still going 2-3 times a day. So they altered my diet a bit. Turns out I was having too much fish. about another month down the line, I started getting firm stool, going only once a day and I had some acidity issue too which was also resolved. I just want to say thank you to grocare for helpling me get rid of my 7 year old problem. 

Shailendra Shukla

Using grocare medicines since 2015 September. Great benefit. No more bleeding and pain has reduced several fold. Thank you grocare.


Hello, my age is 41 Male living in Kolkata. I had Colitis for last 8 years. Tried everything Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathy, natural healers etc. but did not get a long lasting relief. Then tried Grocare products, benefits started from 1st month itself, took for 9 months and now absolutely fit and fine.

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