Freedom From Type 2 Diabetes & associated complications

At Grocare, we provide the highest quality Ayurvedic remedies so that you can care for your health, naturally. Our team of in-house doctors handcrafted Diadoma® to ease Type 2 Diabetes, and its associated symptoms. Diadoma® can help you naturally control your health, without the harmful side effects of conventional diabetes medication.


Diadoma® helps regulate insulin production, controls blood sugar levels, and reduces insulin resistance in the cells, helping to manage Diabetes the natural way, without side effects.

How it works?

Diadoma® comprises of high-potency ingredients that work simultaneously to stimulate, correct, and strengthen the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, regulating insulin, controlling blood sugar levels, and reducing insulin resistance. 

All-natural and highly effective. Diadoma® also helps to increase the absorption of glucose in the cells, and restores the insulin secretory function that reduces hypoglycemic episodes. Scientifically-tested, and 100% safe, Diadoma® does not lead to insulin resistance, and does not require an increase in dosage during treatment.

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How to Take

Recommended Dosage for Fasting Sugar between 110 and 150 mg/dl, or HbA1c of up to 7: 

Diadoma® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner


Recommended Dosage for Fasting Sugar between 150 and 180 mg/dl, or HbA1c of 7 to 8:

Diadoma® - 2 tablets thrice daily—after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner


For Fasting Sugar above 180 mg/dl, or HbA1c of more than 8:

Please contact us by email for personalised guidance from our in-house doctors.

While taking Diadoma®, closely monitor your glucose levels every 4 to 6 weeks. Regular exercise, and a healthy diet, help to effectively manage glucose levels alongside this medication.

If you are currently taking another Diabetes medicine, please get in touch with us via email, and we will help you transition to Diadoma® safely.



Meenakshi Sundaram, Dublin, Ireland


I recently bought the Diabetes kit from you (ACIDIM and Diadoma) and regularly taking in after Breakfast and dinner. I started noticing the benefits. The blood sugar levels started plummeted.

Meenakshi Sundaram, Dublin, Ireland

Freedom from diabetes

Hello sir,

date of test         HBA1C     fasting    2hr Post Prandial        urine glucose ( Apollo Hospital Chennai)  Started Grocare Diabetes on 15 july 17


 28 june 2017      8.8            208             162                           +                                                               took 3 time for 5 months and 2 times since 15 dec17


  17 jan 2018         7.2            173           172                            Trace                                                       


  Height   5ft 5 inches  Wt 64 kg   age 64  male


  Sir  i have started Grocare Diabetes on 15 july 2017 initially i  took the medicine three times as per your

  chart. On monitoring the sugar level in house as it was less than 150 number of times i took  your medicine

  2 times from December 2nd week onwards.  I am taking the Grocare prostate from december 2nd week onwards


 Grocare has helped to bring down HBA1C level and also overall felt better.

Subbiah Chinnasamy, Chennai, India

Aditya Rao, Pune

I had been a borderline case since 5 years and was taking Glucophage 500mg once a day to control my sugar levels since about 2 years. But I was facing severe problems like indigestion, gas, tiredness and pain everywhere in my body since then. My hb1c has been around 7 since a long time. A few months back I came to know of Grocare through a friend so I got in touch with them and started taking Diadoma and Acidim for my diabetes. The first thing i noticed once my glucophage stopped was that the other problems went away. I started feeling light on my stomach and this helped me reduce stress at work. Eventually i started feeling better and recent report shows hb1c at 5.9 at my sugar is completely in control. Thank you. I am attaching my reports below for you. 
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Parag Malhotra

Hi my age is 55, About 6 years ago, my fasting sugar came to 150 and I was immediatley put on glucophage 500 twice daily + an Antacid. This did control the sugar level but created problems in the stomach. So I started looking for options. Someone suggested Grocare and I started using Diadoma and Acidim both. I don't take any other medicine other than Grocare's. My sugar levels hb1c is now 5.9 and fasting sugar around 90. Also I am taking normal sugar intake. I am tending to agree with Grocare that Diabetes is not only about insulin but about Liver and pH levels as well. Thanks to Grocare for making my life comfortable.

Parag Malhotra, Businessman, Bangalore Age 55

Micheal Smith, San Diego, USA

So I have been taking Diadoma for about over a month now. I was taking 5 units of insulin a day, but under supervision of the Grocare staff I can gladly say that I have stopped taking insulin now and I am positive that my allopathic medication will also reduce overtime. I feel great, I have not experienced any weakness at night since I started taking this. Thank you. Will keep updating :)

Sanjay Nigade, Pune

Hello everyone, my hba1c was 8.5, with fasting sugar over 220. I tried various allopathy doctors and they gave me metformin, glucophage, and several other products, but fasting sugar never came below 150. Also, I used to feel fatigue throughout the day. Then I came across Grocare and started on Diadoma and Acidim. Now, everything is good as I don't take any metformin, or glucophage no insulin. Feel fresh throughout. Thanks Grocare

Sanjay Nigade, Pune

Abhishek Goel, Pune

Hello, my age is 55 and I hail from a family history of diabetes. 2 years ago, I found my fasting sugar at 124. Within 15 days, it was 148 at fasting forcing me to visit a doctor. He gave me glucophage 500 twice daily and asked me to stop any sweets completely. No sweet tea or coffee, no nimbu paani, no ice cream. It was a very difficult way to live, but I tried for about a month. During this period, I had a bad stomach, as a side effect of the allopathic medicine. So, the doctor gave another medicine for the bad stomach. It did not cure the problem and created further issues. At that time, I contacted Grocare who gave be Diadoma and Acidim. I started on 2 tablets Diadoma and 2 tablets Acidim twice daily, and thank God and Grocare, my life has become great. Now fasting sugar comes within 110, hba1c is below 6.5, and I live my life normally. No need to avoid normal sugar items. Though I don't splurge on sweets, but occasionally enjoy them without any problems. I am sharing my experience so that others can benefit too.

Abhishek Goel, Pune

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