Raise HDL Naturally

Every Lipican comes with a promise to you to help protect your heart. Lipican addresses the liver and thereby Raises HDL Levels to completely manage your cholesterol.

How is it caused?

Cholesterol imbalance is a metabolic disorder and may be due to combination of dietary and genetic factors. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is needed in our body to eliminate the bad cholesterol (LDL & VLDL). However, most of us contain low HDL cholesterol, hence our LDL, VLDL & triglycerides are higher than normal. These conditions are aggravated by lack of Exercise, Sedentary lifestyle, Stress, Pollution, Disturbance in metabolism.



In Ayurveda, selection of combination of various herbs is the key to make a successful product. To design a formula, emphasis is given on 1) treating the cause of the problem, 2) ensuring that there are no negative side effects & 3) ensuring that the problem does not recur. With this philosophy, Grocare India develops the products, puts it for rigorous tests and puts them into market only after consistent and successful results.
Below are important contents (herbs) that are included in the formulation. Please note that it is the combination that is more important for results than individual herbs.

Plumbago zeylanica has potential therapeutic properties including anti-atherogenic, cardiotonic, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective properties. The active component plumbagin increases excretion of cholesterol and phospholipids & thus prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides in liver.

Piper brachystachyum Emblica Officinalis is known to have excellent lipid lowering and antiatherosclerotic effects. It contains unique tannins and flavanoids, which have very powerful antioxidant properties. It has the ability to stimulate our natural antioxidant enzyme systems and has therefore potent anti-aging properties.

Emblica officinalis has cardiovascular protective properties and helps to protect cardiovascular damage.

Terminalia Chebula is an effective blood purifier that regulates bile secretion as it detoxifies the gall bladder and liver, helps digestion and assimilation, and significantly reduces serum cholesterol and lipid levels throughout the body. It is also an internal cleanser removing harmful toxins and excess fats out of the body.  
Directions for Use:
1 sachet 2 times daily after meals, or as indicated in applicable disease medication or as directed.
Side effects:
Lipican is not known to have any side effects if taken within the prescribed dosage. It can safely be consumed by persons with diabetes, high blood pressure or women who are pregnant. It does not cause any harm/ adverse effect in above cases. 


Lipican restores the metabolism of the human body by addressing the liver directly

How it works?

LIPICAN helps to correct the body’s metabolism and in turn correct cholesterol imbalance. LIPICAN helps to increase synthesis of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) to the desired level (above 40 mg/dL). This HDL eats up the excess LDL, VLDL & triglycerides in the body and the cholesterol levels are balanced.

How to Take

1 sachet LIPICAN twice daily (after breakfast & dinner). Since it corrects the body’s metabolism, it is to be taken continuously for 6-7 months.



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