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Every Seosis Tablet comes with a promise to you to help protect your heart. Seosis addresses the liver and thereby Raises HDL Levels to completely manage your cholesterol.

How is it caused?

Cholesterol imbalance is a metabolic disorder and may be due to combination of dietary and genetic factors. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is needed in our body to eliminate the bad cholesterol (LDL & VLDL). However, most of us contain low HDL cholesterol, hence our LDL, VLDL & triglycerides are higher than normal. These conditions are aggravated by lack of Exercise, Sedentary lifestyle, Stress, Pollution, Disturbance in metabolism.


Seosis restores the metabolism of the human body by addressing the liver directly

How it works?

SEOSIS (Previously Lipican) helps to correct the body’s metabolism and in turn correct cholesterol imbalance. SEOSIS helps to increase synthesis of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) to the desired level (above 40 mg/dL). This HDL eats up the excess LDL, VLDL & triglycerides in the body and the cholesterol levels are balanced.

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How to Take

2 Tablets Seosis twice daily (after breakfast & dinner). Since it corrects the body’s metabolism, it should be taken continuously for at least 6-7 months or longer depending on the severity of the case. 

Sudhir Kalsullar, Thane, Mumbai

My Lipid Profile was very bad with HDL at 26 and LDL at 180, Triglycerides at 250. I was already taking ACIDIM from Grocare for my Acidity problem and had developed confidence in the company. So I started LIPICAN and as suggested, got the Lipid Profile done again after 6 months. Now HDL is 54, LDL id at 140, Triglycerides is 140. I feel young and energetic.

Das, Philippines

I had a disturbed Cholesterol problem and was on Statins. After few months, Cramps and Lethargy developed and also stomach was not alright. I had few more deficiencies (don’t want to describe). My brother who lives in Mumbai recommended to me Grocare’s LIPICAN & ACTIVIZ which I got through my brother. Quickly Cramps and Fatigue disappeared and my Cholesterol profile is extremely good now. Now for any small problem, we trust Grocare India and order their products.

P K Jain, New Delhi

I had taken your medicine Lipican for about six months and three months later lipid profile was taken. It showed a reduction in cholesterol from 259 to 199 and HDL went up from 33 to 42. I feel quite satisfied with this experience. I have used Hernica and found it to good results though can not give out numbers as I did not do any tests. Regards

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