Reduce High Triglycerides

High Triglycerides is a condition in which an individuals triglycerides levels cross above 150 mg/dL, fatty deposits in various body parts, Distorted Lipid Profile (cholesterol levels) with or without symptoms.

How is it caused?

High triglycerides is a metabolic disorder and may be due to combination of dietary and genetic factors. It is aggravated by Obesity, Lack of exercise, Sedentary lifestyle, Stress, Disturbance in metabolism, High intake of alcohol, High intake of sugar. Over 90% of all triglycerides come from the food we eat, therefore, diet plays a huge role in causing this problem.


Seosis (previously lipican) restores the metabolism of the human body by addressing the liver directly.

How it works?

SEOSIS (Previously Lipican) helps to lower the absorption of fats and triglycerides from our diet, as a result, triglycerides do not enter into the blood and do not get deposited in various body parts. Also, SEOSIS helps the body to get rid of excess triglycerides and fat deposits in a natural way by correcting the body’s metabolism. SEOSIS also acts as a cardiovascular and liver tonic.

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How to Take

2 Tablets Seosis (previously lipican) twice daily (after breakfast & dinner). Since it corrects the body’s metabolism, it should be taken continuously for 6 – 7 months or more depending on the severity of the case.

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