Menstrual Cramps

We care for you much more than you care for yourself. Menstrual Cramps can limit your lifestyle in a big way. We at Grocare understand your pain and present YEROVAC to help alieviate Menstrual cramp pain naturally.

How is it caused?

Menstrual Cramps among other PMS symptoms are caused due to interruptions / blockages in reproductive tract triggered by hormone and pH imbalance in the body, stress, sub clinical infection, poor digestion etc. If your body stores toxins, you are more like to experience severe PMS symptoms.


Yerovac is designed to defragment and disintegrate cysts over the due course of time to help restore natural reproductive activity.


Acidim is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps balance the pH of the entire intestinal systems & abdomen seamlessly

How it works?

Yerovac is a unique product because it works by naturally stimulating the reproductive tract. It removes blockages, eliminates sub clinical infections and ensures hormonal balance in the body thus reducing causes of PMS. Acidim is suggested to restore pH balance, aid smooth digestion and reduce formation of toxins. Thus, both the medicines together help relieve Menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms naturally over course of time.

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How to Take

Dosage: 2 tablets Yerovac & 2 Tablets Acidim after breakfast
2 tablets Yerovac & 2 Tablets Acidim after dinner for 1 month continuously
After 1 month, take 2 tablets Yerovac and 2 Tablets Acidim after breakfast
2 tablets Yerovac & 2 Tablets Acidim after dinner for 7 to 10 days before cycle starts
Benefits should be visible within the first month. 

Name not disclosed, Female 18, Delhi

Hi Grocare and its customers ! I used to get terrified with the thought that my period is about to come. Reason was shooting pain and fatigue. Then Yerovac and Activiz came to my life and ever since then, I do not fear this monthly routine.

Thanks Grocare for helping me and I have been recommending to all my friends for their Cramps, Mensturation disturbances and such issues.

Name not disclosed, Female 18, Delhi

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