Migraine Treatment

A migraine is a painful headache that may occur with symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue and Numbness. Migraine may cause the person to get irritated with too much light or sound. It may last for several hours or even upto a few days.

How is it caused?

Migraine is caused when the brain and sinuses come under pressure. Stomach releases acid & gases which pass up through the windpipes and put pressure on the brain and sinuses. This acid and gas release can be due to: Not eating on time, Very long breaks between meals, Stress, Late nights, Skipping breakfast, Eating spicy/ oily foods etc. The vessels in the head are highly sensitive. Hence, they get inflammated and this causes migraine.


Acidim is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps balance the pH of the entire intestinal systems & abdomen seamlessly

How it works?

ACIDIM regulates the amount of acid in the stomach. As a result, the pressure on brain and sinuses is released. ACIDIM can be taken regularly for people who are prone to migraine attacks, as a precaution.

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How to Take

3-4 tablets ACIDIM thrice daily after meals with water.

Nirmal & Jayaseeli, Coimbatore

You are already aware that my wife is a breast cancer survivor and taking Letero 2.5mg and Shelcal 500mg since 3 years and to be taken for 2 more years. She has been suffering from migraine for the past 30 years and taken so many medicines and consulted so many Neuro, ENT and General Physicians. All were useless. Once in two days she has to take Dolopar 650 or Voveran+ to get relief from migraine pain. We are now very happy to inform you that after started taking Acidim from 23.09.15 she has not taken any pain killers till date. We thank God for showing your website when I was browsing internet to find how to remove GB stones w/o surgery. At that time only I came to know about your company and your medicines for various ailments. We whole heartedly thank Grocare India for this wonderful medicines.

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