Prostatomegaly Treatment Without Surgery

We care for you more than you care for yourself. We present to you GC, VINIDIA & ACIDIM – whose collective actions have helped thousands heal prostatomegaly without any side effects.

How is it caused?

Prostate enlargement or Prostatomegaly might be due to changes in the balance of sex hormones as men grow older. Aging, presence of other ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure & sedimentary lifestyle speed up the process of prostate enlargement.


Vinidia is a herbal formulation designed to cleanse the kidneys and stimulates them to improve their efficiency thereby reducing load on the prostate


The Singularity in Liver Care helps in the regeneration of Liver Cells and regularise its functions thereby increasing absorption of nutrients


Acidim balances the pH of the entire body and prostate seamlessly keeping modern lifestyle in mind thus creating an environment for healthy bacteria

How it works?

VINIDIA helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the prostate gland as well as stimulate the Kidneys. This helps to minimize enlargement of prostate and also reduce the symptoms associated. GC and ACIDIM are powerful antioxidants and help to regulate the balance of hormones in the body. ACIDIM helps in removal of Free Radicals, thus reversing the aging process and reducing the ill effects of lifestyle diseases.

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How to Take

ACIDIM (2 tablets), GC (1 tablet) & VINIDIA (2 tablets) all twice daily after meals for 6 months Benefits will be visible within 1 month

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Delivered to your Doorstep

All shipments are couriered to your address. You will be provided a tracking number to track your shipments online


Full Treatment is for 6 months. However, you may choose to purchase the treatment in parts as per your convenience

PRICE : US $134.96 FOR 40 DAYS Free shipping above US $120

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