Rectal Prolapse Treatment

Rectal prolapse is a conditon in which part of the rectum comes outside the anus and may cause leakage of stool or mucus.

How is it caused?

Straining while passing motions, prior anal surgery, irregular diet, excessive constipation, post childbirth etc are some of the factors that may cause weakness of large intestines (the lower most area) & weakness of the anal sphincter. The weak intestinal area loses its shape and position and falls off from the anal cavity resulting in rectal prolapse.


Restotab is a result of years of perseverance and hard work specifically designed to normalise the pressure in veins adjoining the Anus by reducing the congestion along the veins


Activiz is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps restore complete balance to your systems and syncs your internal systems in such a way that they run in harmony

How it works?

RESTOTAB and ACTIVIZ work in harmony to strenghten the large intestine, the rectum and the anal sphincter. As a result, the rectum goes back into its previous shape and position and the rectal prolapse is reversed.

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How to Take

RESTOTAB (2 tablets) & ACTIVIZ (2 tablets) twice daily after meals for 6-7 months. Discomfort and bleeding reduces within the 4 weeks.

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