Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

Tooth Sensitivity is the tooth pain due to a wearing away of the tooth’s surface or gum tissue. It is characterized by a shooting pain or sensation when having hot/cold food or drinks or sometimes even breathing in cold air.

How is it caused?

The tooth enamel provides protective covering to teeth. However, enamel gets eroded due to acidic pH in the mouth, exposing the teeth and causing sensitivity. Acidic pH in the mouth can be due to various reasons: Certain food items, Medications, Dehydrating chemicals in oral hygiene products, Acid reflux disorder etc.


Dencare is the only natural solution to maintain optimum pH in the mouth.

How it works?

Dencare is a natural solution to maintain optimum pH in the mouth. It helps to remineralize the eroded enamel, that helps in overcoming tooth sensitivity. Dencare also helps to strengthen tooth enamel & increase gum strength. Dencare can be used as a tooth powder for everyday cleansing and for maintaining good oral health.

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How to Take

Use DENCARE as your daily tooth powder with or without brush, replacing your existing tooth paste or powder.

Mrs Rashmi Bansal, Housewife, Delhi

Thank u DENCARE :-) Can enjoy d yummy flavours of ice cream now!!!! Worth the name !!!!!……

Sanjay Kanwar, Sambalpur, Orissa

Dencare is wonderful product….i believed only after i used it

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