Freedom From Type 2 Diabetes & its complications

How to take

If you are taking another medicine currently, please get in touch with us and we will help you transition safely.

For Fasting sugar - 110-150 mg/dl
Or HbA1c - Upto 7
Dosage - Diadoma - 2 Tablets just after breakfast and 2 tablets just after dinner & Acidim - 2 tablets after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner

For Fasting sugar - 150-180 mg/dl
Or HbA1c - 7 - 8
Dosage - Diadoma - 2 Tablets just after breakfast, 2 tablets after lunch and 2 tablets after dinner & Acidim - 2 tablets after breakfast, 2 tablets before lunch and 2 tablets after dinner

Fasting sugar - More than 180
HBA1c - More than 8

Closely monitor your glucose levels every 4-6 weeks. Regular exercise and a Healthy Diet also help effectively manage glucose levels with this medication.

US $80 For 40 days Shipping charges US $35


Abhishek Goel, Pune

Hello, my age is 55 and I hail from a family history of diabetes. 2 years ago, I found my fasting sugar at 124. Within 15 days, it was 148 at fasting forcing me to visit a doctor. He gave me glucophage 500 twice daily and asked me to stop any...

Sanjay Nigade, Pune

Hello everyone, my hba1c was 8.5, with fasting sugar over 220. I tried various allopathy doctors and they gave me metformin, glucophage, and several other products, but fasting sugar never came below 150. Also, I used to feel fatigu...

Micheal Smith, San Diego, USA

So I have been taking Diadoma for about over a month now. I was taking 5 units of insulin a day, but under supervision of the Grocare staff I can gladly say that I have stopped taking insulin now and I am positive that my allopathic medication wil...

Parag Malhotra

Hi my age is 55, About 6 years ago, my fasting sugar came to 150 and I was immediatley put on glucophage 500 twice daily + an Antacid. This did control the sugar level but created problems in the stomach. So I started looking for options. Som...

Aditya Rao, Pune

I had been a borderline case since 5 years and was taking Glucophage 500mg once a day to control my sugar levels since about 2 years. But I was facing severe problems like indigestion, gas, tiredness and pain everywhere in my body since then. My h...

Freedom from diabetes

Hello sir,

date of test         HBA1C     fasting    2hr Post Prandial        urine glucose ( Apollo Hospital Chennai)  Started Grocare Diabetes on 15 july 1...

Meenakshi Sundaram, Dublin, Ireland


I recently bought the Diabetes kit from you (ACIDIM and Diadoma) and regularly taking in after Breakfast and dinner. I started noticing the benefits. The blood sugar levels started plummeted.

Meenakshi Sundara...

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