Gs Kit

ACIDIM (2 tablets), GC (1 tablet) & LIPICAN (1 sachet) all twice daily after meals for 6 - 8 months. Benefits like reduction in pain & discomfort become visible within a month. However, any reduction in size of GallStone takes at least 4 months and above to start showing.
Additionally, Take Xembran 1 tablet after breakast & 2 tablets after dinner. 
Symptomatic relief in form of reduction in pain or acidity should be visible within 40 days. It takes 3 months for the metabolism to regulate after which the gallstones start to dissolve. 

Price : US $ 160 For 40 days

Shipping : US $ 35




160 DAYS

GC & LIPICAN work by balancing the synchronization between liver and gall bladder, thus reducing the excess formation of cholesterol, bile salts & bilirubin. XEMBRAN takes care of H pylori and restores natural gut microflora, which is one of the most common reasons for gallstones according to scientific studies. GC and ACIDIM togther also reduce the oxidative stress on both the gall bladder & liver thus giving strength to the organs which then help in reversing the stone formation process and dissolving gallstones naturally overtime. This also eliminates any chances of recurrence.

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