Hernia Treatment

How to take

Hernica® - 2 tablets each after breakfast and dinner

Acidim® - 2 tablets each after breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Xembran® is also recommended if experiencing any of the following conditions: constipation, low BMI, or frequent bowel movements. 


Initial symptoms should subside within a few weeks. Visible changes in hernia are noticeable around 4th month. After approximately 5 months, the hernia should become soft, and then begin to subside. In most cases, results are achieved within 6 to 8 months. 

If the neck of the hernia is larger than 7mm, it may be recommended to wear a hernia belt, once the swelling of the intestine subsides; typically from month 4th onward. This helps to reinforce the abdominal wall during recovery.

The timeline may vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the disease, diet and lifestyle. Suggestions will be emailed to make the best of the kit.


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Phil Fish, Germany

This is month 9 - hernias about 98% gone thanks to hernica and acidim ——I am happy with the results and thank you very much

Phil Fish, Germany



with Grocare Hernia treatment comprising Hernica, Acidim and Xembran (suggested by Grocare team), my 95% pain has gone away. Thanks Grocare !


David Matthee, Botswana

The Grocare Team

Thank you guys for the Springboard to my new lifestyle.

On the 9th June 2017 I began my life changing experience.
I'm come to the end of the Herbal treatment for my Abdominal Hernia which is fully healed now.

Your two prong approach has worked wonders for me, despite how difficult it's been to take on your mother of all Diet's.

My Sugar, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, PSA and Blood Pressure are presently all of outstanding value.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards
David Matthee, Botswana


I am completing my second batch of hernia cure — hernias very much better and I think would be gone if the muscles heal over —-thank you a lot -as even if this is as far as it goes it is much much better

Veronica Griffith - Hernia - in the process of getting cured


Yes I am  seeing some improvement in my Hernia. I have not yet completed the first bottle of hernia and acidim I still have a set of full containers. As I start on the next set I will make the next order. Now to the  report : The growth or protrusion has shrunk in size, when I apply pressure to the area it feels softer and I could feel like air moving around in the area. I do not feel any pain whatever. I have to revisit my doctor on October 17th. He is making preparation for surgery, which I obviously will not take.

Veronica Griffith, Barbados

Bob, Botswana

I haven't felt so positive and healthy for a long tlme. Only started treatment on 9th June - in last 6 days. Your Diet has been testing but due to my circumstances I'm coping welI, it's tough for sure. Been life changing for me so far. But this alone is a huge Blessing! Definitely less Hernia pain, size of Hernia is much the same. I'll be placing my follow up order next week. I'm Ecstatic, thank you so much Grocare. 

Vasudevan Krishnan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India



Thanks! I started seeing the benefits in less than 3 weeks into the program. My Hernia pain is gone now, heaviness in the abdomen is reduced. I am getting great response and assistance for my queries and the diet controls. Thanks for your help!!



Vasudevan Krishnan, Chennai, India

Hernia cured - one and a half year baby

It is a great pleasure from deep of my hart that my baby is safe from hernia . I was hopeless by thinking that there was no choice left except surgery and I feared my baby was only for 1 and half year only with low weight & growth . I was scared. The baby is precious for me and my wife suffered a lot for his survival since his premature birth . I continued Hernia from Grocare for one year regularly and slowly hernia reduced. Thank U very very much Grocare for adding + to my life and this adventure is remarkable to me throughout my life.

Experience by -Partha Mookherjee ,Channarayapatna Taluk Hassan Dist, Karnataka, India

Jeff Struthers

Thanks Grocare...


The medications for hernia have helped immensely!!!!!


I will be re-ordering another 1.5 month supply in the near future.


Thank you all so much, this has been unbelievable!!!


Jeff Struthers, USA

Thomas Hackbarth, USA

My hernia is getting soft. I think this may work. Everybody,doctors,wife says this wn't work. No wonder I was skeptical. I now think 2 more months and it will be gone. Thank God and thank you grocare. Thomas Hackbarth.

Jahid Hussein, Assam

4 years before my mom had a gall bladder operation and than one year before uterus tumar and appendix operation after that hernia...doc informed that operation is the only option. But my mom also had sugar and high pressure so doc said operation will be complicated... than I searched Google found u people thought to give try just for mental satisfaction...but when I talked to u guys the way u people explained I feeled confidant and order the product...and now 6 month is running and almost 80 percent hernia gone...no pain ...no discomfort...following the diet chart religiously and taking medicine on time as informed. Thank u

David Kok - Sabah, Malaysia

I have seen many improvement in my health after using hernica and acidim for just 2 weeks. My bloating and gastric is almost cure and my bowel movement has become better each and every day. I feel acidim has improve my sleep... I no longer having sleep start or hypnic jerk after taking acidim before sleep  due to my acid reflux. Sympton of reflux improves a lot too :) thank you grocare you have save thousand of life.
My life was like 50% dead before i took grocare medicine...and now my life is back 90% thank u thank u so much. I do recommend to my friend too. Your medicine is superb.

Jacob Berry

Hello -

     I ordered your product little less than three months ago - Hernica and Acidim for groin hernia.  It works very well!   I need to order another three months supply.  Many thanks. 

                                                        Jacob Berry, Texas, USA

Anonymous, Age 54, New Delhi

I had a Hernia surgery done in 1995. In 2013, once again, pain started and Doctor told me Hernia has relapsed and needs an operation urgently. I found on the internet HERNICA from Grocare but was not sure. Still, since there was time for my surgery, so I started taking Hernica. Within a week, my pain reduced and I continued the treatment for 3 months. Now I am absolutely fine, thanks to HERNICA !! I strongly suggest people with Hernia (specially at early stages) to try HERNICA.

Mrs. Vaka, Hyderabad

Thanks to HERNICA, my Hernia after C Section cesarean delivery is totally gone!! I was so scared of the surgery. Doctors told me that Hernia can not be cured without surgery and anyone claiming otherwise is a hoax..Grocare proved them wrong as I am fine without any surgery.

Sanjay Agarwal, Delhi

When I first saw Hernia treatment without surgery on google, I thought it was a hoax. Then I called up Grocare India and spoke to them. I thought there is nothing much to loose in ordering 1 box, so I ordered one. Within the first month, Pain, bloating, Gas etc disappeared. I was asked to take HERNICA for 5 to 6 months which I did. My Hernia became soft in the 3rd month. In the 5th month, It was not noticeable anymore. In the 6th month, it was totally gone !! My advice is to have patience and HERNICA will surely heal all types of Hernia. After I got cured, I have suggested it to many people and they all thank me !!

Robert Noronha , Mumbai

Hi Team Grocare, I Robert Noronha have been under grocare medication (Hernica) as there was Hernia growth in the belly button. When consulted a Doctor, they suggested an operation and there was no other way out. After consuming Hernica for 55 days, I was surprised to see that there has been tremendous improvement. Thank you Grocare.

P Shashi Kumar, Gotan (Rajasthan)

Around 6 months back when my mother was diagnosed with hernia we were actually shocked bcz she had already gone under d knife in past for 5 times( 2 childbirth surgeries, 1 hernia, 1 intestine rupture(duodenum)and 1 more laparoscopic surgery ) . Only a person who understands surgeries can feel the pain of d patient and it was almost unbearable to get her operated again. I had Cafinal exams on my head and everyone knows d reality of Ca. If she was to be operated I had to suffer a lot. Doctors had clearly stated that operation is must and I also know that operation is d only solution in allopathic treatment. Looking at this I started searching for alternative modes to atleast prevent surgery for 6-7 months and found Grocare India. I immediately called call center and Madam explained me everything. With zero trust, frankly speaking,  I ordered Hernica and Acidim to check if they work. Soon after d treatment began she faced problems of constipation and discomfort so we discussed again with call center and modified d treatment and then d miracle happened. D bulge of hernia got disappered in 1 month and her intestines subsided to normal position. However as a precaution I continued medicine for entire 6 months and she’s absolutely fine now. D abdominal bloating, hanging of fat, haemoglobin deficit, blood pressure, frequent vomitting, headaches, pain, everything is now gone as against my trust. I had no trust in d beginning but now I trust it completely. This statement is coming from a Person who’s not allowed to misstate anything. I have seen surgeries live as I had interest in medical profession but due to some problems I had to quit that field . I recommend everyone to atleast try it once before u get operated to see it’s affect. No doubt d medicines r a bit costly but d benefit recovers everything so no worry.I thank Grocare for such medicine and a heartfelt thanks to d madam sitting in call center whose patience encourages d patients like anything. U r extremely cooperating.

Mike Delez, Alaska, USA

Thanks ! You have a quality product! I do believe it’s working for my Hernia !

Dipti Nitendra Singh - Meerut

January 2016 :
I am a housewife and was suffering from Hiatus Hernia and was taking all kinds of medicines for last 2 years, but did not get relief. I saw Grocare medicines – Hernica & Acidim and ordered it. I am taking these medicines since last 6 months and feeling good. Acid reflux has gone and no more discomfort. It has also tightened stomach muscles. Thanks to Grocare !!

25 April 2016 :
I am happy to share with you the good news !! My Hiatus hernia is completely gone. Doctors could not find it in my reports. They were very surprised !!
Thanks to you and your team. !!

Anonymous - Agra

February 2015 :
Im 27 year old and suffering from hiatus hernia for 3 years I was suffered a lot from hyper acidity and heart burn for 3 years. I consulted a doctor and taken his treatment for 6 months but not cured then doctor told me about endoscopy and found hiatus hernia then doctor told me that there is no treatment in alopathy except surgery, I was so worried because it’s very early age of mine. One day I was searching a natural treatment of hiatus hernia on google then I found a company known as Grocare India and it’s product HERNICA and ACIDIM I thought I should try then I had it and that I found it’s working. I had took these medicines for 6 months and that found some magic was going on. Now the problems of mine hyper acidity and heart burn is no more. A special thanks to Grocare India. Im not saying that I cured 100% but it’s working. Thank you, Regards

May 2015 :
I got my Endoscopy done today and happy to say that No Hiatus hernia was found, I am so happy and thankful to you for completely curing the same. I am forwarding to you Endoscropy reports before and after treatment, so that others can benefit too.

Michael D. Severino - California, USA

Please be advised since my first order of Hernica & Acidim is about to end. I also want to know what it is that causes the hernia I have inguinal right side that after almost 90 days with your treatment I can clearly see benefits . I can’t thank you enough for the diet recommendation and Dencare and look forward to my new supply of Hernica & Acidim and the Acne products work on my 19 yr old college daughter.

Anil Verma - Agra

I took a medicines that’s work for Cure hernia without any operation. I feel better – this is the good way to cure any type of hernia I recommend to those persons who suffered from it. Taken this medicine hernica with acidim. I m really thankful to invention of those medicine. thanks grocare India !! Kind regards

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