IBS Treatment

How to take

2 tablets STOMIUM twice a day after breakfast and dinner
1 tablets XEMBRAN after breakfast and 2 tablets XEMBRAN after dinner
2 tablets ACIDIM thrice a day after breakfast, Lunch and dinner.
To be continued for 6 months or More depending on your condition. Benefits become visible withing 3-4 weeks.

Additionally, pls do take Hernica 2 tablets every day - 2 tablets after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner, if you have a tendency for constipation.

₹3760 For 40 days Shipping charges ₹100

Murli Rao, Bangalore

Irritable Bowel syndrome had shattered my confidence for over 5 years. Abdominal Cramps, amoebiasis, sometimes constipation, and visiting Toilet every hour, specially after any food were my companions. Tried STOMAID & ACIDIM and felt better within a week. Then continued for 6 months and now off the medicines and feeling great like never before.

Amol, Gurgaon

I had IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome for over 6 years. Sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes constipation and weight loss. Continuous urge to go to Toilet but never feeling satisfied. Tried various allopathic doctors, also Ayurveda and Homeopaths, some were helpful initially but nothing could give me permanent cure. I used to be scared in going out not being sure when I need to go to Toilet. STOMAID and ACIDIM saved my life and now I move around happily and confidently.

Ritesh Chaturvedi, Jaipur

I work in marketing and my job requires me to travel a lot. 15 years ago, I quit my job because I couldn’t travel as IBS used to really trouble me. I’ve visited so many doctors hence but the problem still remains. After giving up on everything, a friend suggested to try Grocare’s medication. So I called the helpline and spoke to them. It was very reassuring as they understood my problems very well. I’ve been taking STOMAID and ACIDIM for three months now, and I travel to minimum three locations once a month! Thank you Grocare for helping me live my life the way I want to. May God Bless you!*

Merlin Sequeira, Bangalore

Your suggestion to double the dose of Acidim for about a week plus normal dose of Stomaid worked perfectly. I did it for a week and reverted to normal dosage soon after. I am now free of IBS since the 20th July. Thank God !

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