Kidney Stones Treatment Without Surgery

How to take

ACIDIM (2 tablets), GC (1 tablet) & VINIDIA (2 tablets) all twice daily after meals for 6 months Benefits will be visible within 1 month. Complete cure can take upto 6 months.

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Kuldeep Kaur, Chandigarh

I underwent ureteroscopic surgery and had one 16mm. kidney stone removed a year and a half ago. 6 months ago I was suggested another surgery for a new 11mm stone. It seemed like an endless cycle to me and someone suggested trying alternate medicine. I was taking something but the pain only kept increasing. So my friend, Akhilesh told me that he took Grocare’s medicine and was much better now. He also had same problem but he had much worse. After 4 months I can say that grocare medicine has helped a lot. Really thank you so very much. I want my feedback to be seen by others for their benefit.*

Ashish Venkat, Thiruvananthapuram

I used to get blinding pain on the left side of my stomach after which I was diagnosed with multiple kidney stones upon getting an ultrasound done. I was given many options to get rid of them but none of them spoke about how to remove current stones and not to prevent them from coming back altogether. Thats when a friend suggested to call up Grocare India on their helpline. They gave me Acidim, GC and vinidia and very nicely explained how it will help me. Its been three months now and I already feel so much better.*


I got my kidney stone removed 2 years ago. 3 Months ago, I was told that I have kidney stones once again !! I found grocare india and took their medicines for 3 months and now totally free from kidney stones. My acidity and burning feeling has gone. My general health has also improved. Thanks to Grocare !!

Marianne, Brisbane, Australia

Hi, my name is Marianne, I am from Brisbane, Australia. I have Kidney stones for last few years. 2 Years ago, I got them removed by a procedure, but this year they started to bother me again. This time I was more careful and my Doctor told me to undergo the same procedure one more time. I understood from somewhere else that this problem resurfaces again and again. So, I wanted to try alternatives and looked at Grocare India’s products. Initially with disbelief, I ordered for 3 months, but the medicines arrived in 5 days flat, nice packing, nice presentation, and I was pleasantly surprised, coming it from India. Within 2 weeks of starting the treatment, my pain reduced and kept reducing and it is almost gone. I am now through one and a half months, and I am confident that I will be cured. I am getting lots of side benefits, as mentioned by Grocare India. Keep up the good work, Grocare !!

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