Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD) Natural Treatment

How to take

Dosage: 2 tablets Yerovac and (2 tablets) Activiz to be taken after breakfast and 2 tablets Yerovac and (2 tablets) Activiz to be taken after dinner for 4-6 months.
Follow diet chart and its timings Regular walking in morning and evening. Try to maintain a balanced and stress free life to prevent future diseases. 

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Anonymous, Mumbai, India

Hi I am married for last 6 years, age 32, with 1 child. I had many problems during my monthly periods, mood changes, too much or too less bleeding and worst was there was lot of pain before. A friend of mine suggested Yerovac strongly, and I took it reluctantly. To my surprise, it gave dramatic results and I am extremely happy now. Thanks to my friend and Grocare. I would strongly advice to all young girls for their menstruration cramps and also to married young women for their PCOD problems. Due to social stigma, I am not giving my name, sorry about it.

Anonymous Female, Age 32, Mumbai, India

Anonymous, New York

After visiting over fifteen doctors and taking all precautions and medicines prescribed, i got fed up and started searching online for an alternative when I came across this medicine Yerovac and Activiz. It arrived in three days and i started taking it immediately. Now, whenever I used to chum I would get severe pain for the first 2 days and then I would continue chumming for about 7-8 days with less pain which was occasional. The first period I got after taking these medicines was the first time I did not have to resort to any pain killers. My periods ended in three days and they were smooth and were "mildly uncomfortable". From the second period onwards, I was not scared of starting my periods. I just want to thank this medicine. 

Anonymous, Age 32, New south wales, Australia

Hello. I would like this to published as anonymous. 
We have been trying to conceive for a over four years now without any results. We consulted specialists who gave us so many treatments which were very costly, but ineffective. Eventually we conducted tests and found out I had PCOS. I used to have painful periods, but everyone I knew told me it was normal so i ignored it and just beared through the pain. I never resorted to pain killers. When we started trying, my pain reduced but it seems I was not able to conceive. Its been just 3 months i have been on this medication, and for once I shock my friends and my mother telling them that my periods are pain free. I honestly do not know whether this will help me conceive. But under Grocare's guidance I am so relieved that something is finally working for me. Thank you for replying to all my queries so fast, it really helps. Hoping for the best. 

Shreya Karmarkar, Navi Mumbai, India

I am 16 years of age and I started getting my periods when I was 14. They have always been very painful. They used to make me cry and I could not get out of the house or go to school. My mother convinced me to try this because she heard from her friend that it works. Under careful guidance by grocare, now there is no pain at all. 


I have taken acidim, yerovac nd activiz for pcos 1 month ago and now I m feeling better with these medicines.  I got painless periods nd normal bleeding during periods. I think its working for me


hi my age is 29, I have 1 kid , i had a problem of PCOD for the last 6 years , As I was taking homeopathi treatment for the past two years..i dint get the my periods regularly, lot of pain and discomft and getting over weight .I was suggested Grocare and started taking Yerovac and Activiz as part of PCOS/PCOD kit. Within a month, there was some improvement in pain reduction. In the 3rd month of my treatment, periods became regular. Now I am in 6th month, and all problems have disappeared, also weight is much less. My life has been saved, Thanks Grocare !

Nisha, Kolkata, India

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