Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD) Natural Treatment

How to take

Dosage: 2 tablets Yerovac and (2 tablets) Activiz to be taken after breakfast and 2 tablets Yerovac and (2 tablets) Activiz to be taken after dinner for 4-6 months.
Follow diet chart and its timings Regular walking in morning and evening. Try to maintain a balanced and stress free life to prevent future diseases. 

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Anonymous, Mumbai, India

Hi I am married for last 6 years, age 32, with 1 child. I had many problems during my monthly periods, mood changes, too much or too less bleeding and worst was there was lot of pain before. A friend of mine suggested Yerovac strongly, and I took ...

Anonymous, New York

After visiting over fifteen doctors and taking all precautions and medicines prescribed, i got fed up and started searching online for an alternative when I came across this medicine Yerovac and Activiz. It arrived in three days and i started taki...

Anonymous, Age 32, New south wales, Australia

Hello. I would like this to published as anonymous. 
We have been trying to conceive for a over four years now without any results. We consulted specialists who gave us so many treatments which were very costly, but ineffective. Eventu...

Shreya Karmarkar, Navi Mumbai, India

I am 16 years of age and I started getting my periods when I was 14. They have always been very painful. They used to make me cry and I could not get out of the house or go to school. My mother convinced me to try this because she heard from her f...


I have taken acidim, yerovac nd activiz for pcos 1 month ago and now I m feeling better with these medicines.  I got painless periods nd normal bleeding during periods. I think its working for me


hi my age is 29, I have 1 kid , i had a problem of PCOD for the last 6 years , As I was taking homeopathi treatment for the past two years..i dint get the my periods regularly, lot of pain and discomft and getting over weight .I was sugg...

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