Fistula Treatment

How to take

2 tablets of RESTOTAB twice a day – After Breakfast & Dinner, (2 tablets) of ACTIVIZ twice a day – After Breakfast & Dinner & 1 tablet XEMBRAN after dinner and 2 tablets after dinner with regular water for 4 – 6 months. Benefits will be visible within a month in the form or reduction in pain and discomfort.

US $155 For 40 days Shipping charges US $35

Dwayne Zukerman, Miami, Florida

After 3 months of using this, I just want to say thank you. Its amazing to know something so effective is in the market for people suffering from this horrible disease. 

Capt TR Sivam, Kochi, India

My son had this problem and was rejected from the Army physical exam because of this. Within 4 months, he was completely healed and has passed in the test day before yesterday. Thank you. God Bless you 

Anonymous. London, UK

It was really embarrassing to face such a problem. I could not even tell my family. With a heavy heart I ordered these medicines hoping for a miracle and after a few months of guidance from the polite staff at Grocare, I was completely normal. You guys are great. Please keep my information confidential. 

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