Varicose Veins Treatment Without Surgery

How to take

2 tablets Oronerv twice daily after breakfast and dinner and 2 tablets ACIDIM thrice daily after each breakfast, lunch and dinner to be taken for a period of 6 -7 months. Benefits will be visible within one month

US $125 For 40 days Shipping charges US $35

Priyanka Sharma, Mohali, Punjab

My mother is having this varicose vein from past 28 years. .but she didn’t took it seriously as it was not painful in the starting..But now my mother is 54 years old and this year she started feeling so much pain in legs, thighs and her foot...

R. P. SAMY, Chennai

I am using your grocare products for my prolonged varicose vein problem and the pain in the affected areas has drastically reduced, upto 50%. Thanks a lot. I am taking this medicines for the past ten days only.

Mrs. Vidya Venugopal, Bangalore

Hello, I had varicose veins for over 10 years. Being in a position in school, I am standing or walking most of the times. I tried all kinds of medicines for my varicose veins but nothing worked. Then someone told me about NERVICA & ACIDIM from...

Sandhya, Housewife, Pune

My varicose veins were behind the left knee. I am a housewife. At day time due to my standing in kitchen, I used to have pain killer. At night, I used to feel twitching and as if someone is pulling my veins from inside. Nights used to be terrible ...

Mrs. Dasgupta, Housewife, Age 49, Kolkata

I was diagnosed with varicose veins and doctor told me to do surgery. But I was scared of surgery and its high cost. I read about nervica and acidim in a brochure and tried it. After about 2 weeks I started feeling better – no pain, reduced ...

Arun Verma, Noida, UP, India

This is regarding my Wife who was suffering with Vericose vein disease from past 12-15 years, but she didn’t take it seriously as it was not so painful in the starting. But 8 months earlier my wife at 40 years age felt with so much pain in l...

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