Vertigo Herbal Treatment

How to take

2 tablets Oronerv twice daily( after breakfast & dinner) & 2 tablets ACIDIM thrice daily (after breakfast, Lunch and dinner). Benefits will be visible within 1 week. Total Treatment usually takes 1-2 months. No medication required post treatment.

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Norma P. Garcia, Texas, USA

Hi! I’m doing much better, actually, I started seeing a difference within the first week of starting the vertigo treatment.  I can do so many things now.  I hope the vertigo doesn’t come back at all! I will be ordering my next treatment soon.  Thanks for everything, Grocare India.

Norma P. Garcia, Texas, USA

Paulene Diaze, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have used this product Nervica acidim since 3 months. Benefits are great. Frequency of attacks reduced from once in 2 days to once a month. Even intensity of attack is come down 70%. Will continue till cured. 

Rahul Vaidya, Mumbai

Hello Grocare. This is my testimonial. Kindly upload it online so that everyone can see and understand how beneficial your products are. 
I have been suffering from vertigo since the past 8 years. I was on Vertin tablets (Betahistine) for 6 years and was referred to psychiatrists various times by doctors because they thought I had a mental problem. After undergoing all of this - my personal and professional life took its toll on me. A friend of mine (Santosh Bokadia) was taking Grocare treatment for tinnitus and he told me it was very effective for him. Knowing it was a herbal medicine, reluctanly enough, I placed my first order with Grocare 4 months back. Today I can proudly say I am off Betahistine and its been a pleasure not visiting my doctor. I can sleep peacefully, can walk peacefully and its been a month since my last attack. I dont know how to thank you enough. May god bless you Sir. Thank you. 

Hrishikesh Jain, Delhi

Hello Sir. I would like to reorder the medicine and finish the course. There is so much benefit that I cannot believe it. Since 4 years I had this problem sir. It was so irritating. Couldnt stand, couldnt sit and no doctor could help. All they gave were sleeping pills. I couldnt get any work done. Had I known about your product earlier I would have ordered it then. Anyway in this 1 month of using, I now know that herbal is the real way for treatments and I would like to share this experience with everyone out there. Thank you so very much sir. I can play with my child now without worrying. I can lift him and make him swing with my hands again. This experience is like no other. Thank you again. 

Hiren Shah, Vadodara

Sir, using since 3 weeks. much benefit and reduction in nausea and spinning. Thanks. 

Pritish Bokadia, Chennai

Hello there. I had vertigo since over 5 years. Doctors could not give me anything except for neuro suppresants. It was very bad, I was sleeping all day and could not get much done. Then Grocare helped me identify the real cause when I spoke to ma'am and now its much better. Thank you sir and ma'am.

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