Vertigo Herbal Treatment

How to take

2 tablets Oronerv twice daily( after breakfast & dinner) & 2 tablets ACIDIM thrice daily (after breakfast, Lunch and dinner). Benefits will be visible within 1 week. Total Treatment usually takes 1-2 months. No medication required post treatment.

US $125 For 40 days Shipping charges US $35


Pritish Bokadia, Chennai

Hello there. I had vertigo since over 5 years. Doctors could not give me anything except for neuro suppresants. It was very bad, I was sleeping all day and could not get much done. Then Grocare helped me identify the real cause when I spoke to ma&...

Hiren Shah, Vadodara

Sir, using since 3 weeks. much benefit and reduction in nausea and spinning. Thanks. 

Hrishikesh Jain, Delhi

Hello Sir. I would like to reorder the medicine and finish the course. There is so much benefit that I cannot believe it. Since 4 years I had this problem sir. It was so irritating. Couldnt stand, couldnt sit and no doctor could help. All they gav...

Rahul Vaidya, Mumbai

Hello Grocare. This is my testimonial. Kindly upload it online so that everyone can see and understand how beneficial your products are. 
I have been suffering from vertigo since the past 8 years. I was on Vertin tablets (Betahistine) ...

Paulene Diaze, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have used this product Nervica acidim since 3 months. Benefits are great. Frequency of attacks reduced from once in 2 days to once a month. Even intensity of attack is come down 70%. Will continue till cured. 

Norma P. Garcia, Texas, USA

Hi! I’m doing much better, actually, I started seeing a difference within the first week of starting the vertigo treatment.  I can do so many things now.  I hope the vertigo doesn’t come back at all! I will b...

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