Our Products

  • Acidim

    160 tablets. Removes Free radicals, regulates pH of the body

    US $39.99

  • Activiz

    160 Tablets Provides synergy and restores healthy functioning of the reproductive system

    US $39.95

  • Dencare

    1 Bottle Lasts 1.5 month. Helps control tooth sensitivity and promotes natural enamel growth.

    US $6.99

  • Diadoma

    160 tablets. Helps Manage Diabetes without Side Effects

    US $36.99

  • Gc tablets

    90 Tablets. The Singularity in Liver Care helps in the regeneration of the liver cells to maintain a healthy overall lifestyle

    US $34.99

  • Hernica

    160 tablets. Relieves intestinal inflammation & strengthens the abdominal wall

    US $69.99

  • Oronerv

    160 Tablets. Restoration and synchronisation of the Nervous and Vascular systems in the body

    US $44.95

  • Restotab

    90 tablets. Restotab normalises the pressure in veins adjoining the rectal area by reducing the congestion in the veins

    US $34.99

  • Seosis

    160 tablets. Seosis (Previously Lipican) encourages the production of HDL, to reduce LDL, to regularise cholesterol levels naturally.

    US $39.95

  • Stomium

    160 tablets. Restores balance to stomach by eradicating sub clinical Protozoal, Enteric, Molds, Fungal & Dermatophytes infections

    US $49.95

  • Vinidia

    90 Tablets. Vinidia helps cleanse the kidneys and stimulates them to improve their efficiency

    US $29.99

  • Xembran

    120 tablets. Eradicates H. Pylori and other pathogenic bacteria and helps develop good gut microflora

    US $44.95

  • Yerovac

    180 tablets. For PCOD and irregular menstrual cycles.

    US $36.99

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