Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit
Colitis Kit

Colitis Kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Colitis Kit is designed to help cure colitis without surgery

This kit works by alleviating inflammation in the colon as well as reducing triggers of inflammation by regulating a sub clinical protozoa/bacterial infection in the intestinal crypts.

  • Effectively reduces inflammation in the Intestines & colon
  • Helps restore healthy gut flora
  • Eliminates pathogenic bacteria in intestinal crypts
  • Very effective for colitis treatment

Each 40 Day Kit Contains:

  • Stomium® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Acidim® - 2 Bottles of 160 Tablets
  • Xembran - 1 Bottle of 120 Tablets

This kit helps treat the root cause of colitis. It reduces intestinal crypt inflammation, and restores the intestinal lining with the help of herbal supplements. 

Stomium® is a herbal supplement that acts by eradicating sub clinical amoebic infections in the intestinal crypts which can help reduce pain and other colitis related symptoms like diarrhea, bleeding, or abdominal cramps.


stomium contents

Xembran® is a herbal supplement that controls H. Pylori bacteria and promotes healthy gut and colon bacteria. Xembran® works by inhibiting the development of H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach, which are responsible for blocking production of digestive enzymes that break down food particles. It also works to promote healthy bacteria by regulating bile production to help with digestion.


xembran contents

Acidim® maintains optimum pH of the intestinal crypts to create a unfavourable environment for the infection and plasmolyse it thereby healing the intestinal tract and reducing the inflammation of the colon, thereby helping heal Colitis.



Colitis cases have an increased frequency of activated T cells, demonstrated by the expression of activation markers and cell proliferation. Research conducted shows significant activity of combination of Stomium®, Acidim® & Xembran® against the T cell activation phases:

  1. Activation marker expression - Minimum 40% reduction in CD28 & 65% reduction in CD28 Marker 
  2. Secretion of functional and cytotoxic molecules - Minimum 50% reduction in IL-2, Granzyme & Perforin secretion 
  3. Clonal expansion/proliferation - 80% reduction in cell proliferation

Research report outlines the effectiveness of Xembran in fighting H. Pylori. Click here to see report.

Research work on mice with artificially induced inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) . From Intenstine CD8+ T cells, CD4+ T cells and regulatory T cells Tregs were isolated and analyzed for their activity.

Rationale – In IBD intestinal CD8+ T cells and CD4+ T cells have highly increased activity whereas Tregs do not show efficiency to control immune system. For drug activity CD8+ and CD4+ activation should go down and Tregs activation should go up.

Results –

Description          Mouse CD8 T            Mouse CD4 T               Mouse Tregs

                                Cell Activation.       Cell Activation.            Activation

 Control.                    100                               100                                 100

Mesalamine                85                                  81                                   99


 +Stomium.                71                                   68                                124

  1. Mesalamine decreased the CD8+ and CD4+ T cell activity but did not affect Tregs
  2. Combination of Acidim, Xembran and Stomium decreased CD8+ and CD4+ T cell activity significantly better that mesalamine and also increased the Tregs activity very significantly.


2 tablets Acidim® after breakfast, Lunch and dinner

2 tablets Stomium® after breakfast and dinner

1 tablet Xembran® after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner.

For chronic cases or cases experiencing bleeding, we highly recommend adding Absogen® in addition to this kit 


Benefits like relief in pain and discomfort should be visible in a few weeks. Total Treatment generally takes about 4-6 months but may vary depending on the severity of the case. Reach out to us to know more.


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Grocare® Colitis Kit
US $169.88

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Vicky Collie

Since taking the colitis kit, my lymphocytic colitis has improved. Frequency has decreased, and pain has subsided. I will continue to use this supplement.

Excellent Company, Excellent products!

I have been using Grocare products for a several months now as I have multiple health issues. The customer service is fabulous. They are very fast and accurate when you want to order. They give you very good health advise and are available anytime! The products are effective and affordable. The products are very simple to use. I recommend Grocare for anyone needing good health and lifestyle.

Mohammad Rahman
Great Medicine

Brilliant, doing my 3rd months. Hope by the grace of Almighty and with this medicine stays like this.

Colitis Kit simple to use

I bought the colitis kit as I can’t get any help from GPs or specialists. I was drawn to the natural ingredients but was afraid it would make my colitis worse as I have food allergies and a sensitivity to Salicylates. Not so. I have tolerated the kit so far and starting to feel better. Early days but i am hopeful!

William Robison

Colitis Kit

Sue Lucas
Colitis Kit

I can honestly report that my husband’s energy levels have improved His desire to eat is improving.
Regarding his other symptoms such as bleeding, cramping and the immediate visits to the washroom has not changed…yet
We are remaining hopeful and continue to remain committed to the 4-6 month treatment plan

Judi Martin Clark
At last! Relief....

I was diagnosed 5yrs ago with ulcerative colitis..severe. I was told I needed my whole colon removed, stoma attached. I have been in hospital 4 times on high steriods, along with trying infliximub, vedoliximub infusions, mesalazine, name it. I have tried everything. Along with acupuncture, herbs, yoga, meditation...diets ..
My last flare, I decided that I would have the operation, but I found Grocare in my research and decided to try this one last thing. My moral was down and my fear of a stoma was high.
I have been on this 1 week and I feel healing deeply. My body is adjusting slowly, so a little gassy still but no blood, no pain, less loo stops. I have 5 months supply.
I feel this could be my answer, at last. I am sticking to a vegetarian diet, no gluten no dairy.
My mind is calm, I feel peaceful and am truly grateful that this company exists. I hope others find the health I feel and I will update in 5months. Its a definite must try!! Although expensive, that cost is worth the pain relief and no operation. It only works out at £2.50 a day...most spend that on a coffee!!

Grzegorz Kuder
Absolutely amazing for my colitis

Hello everyone, I would like to thank all the people who helped to create a cure for my condition, I have been using this medicine for 3 weeks and the improvement is huge, I am glad that the myth about the incurability of this disease has been debunked, I have always believed and looked for something that will haveappropriate action without unnecessary chemicals that are contained in medications prescribed by doctors, I recommend to all suffering from colitis, please follow the recommended diet because as it is stated in the description, it accelerates the positive results.
Thank you very much, best regards and a lot of positive vibes.
Gregory Kuder

Michelle Handel
Very good

I’m already experiencing better gastric intestinal health after 2 weeks.

Asfaw Buru

Since my wife start taking this ul colitis medicine (packeg) she is more better .
It is her fourth packeg and is good outcomes .The 5th packeg is waiting to be started.
Thank you Grocare