The Indian Toothpowder

Ever since the beginning of time, it has been in Indian culture to use twigs of neem for oral hygiene. Then the ‘toothpaste’ came along and the world started suffering from dental problems. Introducing flavours and colors to please the consumers, sales of toothpastes went through the roof and the world forgot the true meaning of oral care.
The desperate need for an absolute oral care system gave birth to Dencare. Dencare is meticulously carved by bringing back the basics of Indian culture with modern research to provide you with the highest possible level of oral healthcare.

The Obvious Question: Why Not Toothpastes?

Toothpastes contain around 50% abrasives
that remove stains and polish the teeth
by eroding a small amount of Enamel
The most protective layer of your teeth.
Imagine eroding a little bit of your teeth everyday.

Enamelum Maximus.

Dencare has been solely designed to develop and maintain
an optimum environment for nurturing Natural Enamel growth by balancing the
pH of the mouth. Thereon, the enamel takes care of the rest
by eliminating all oral problems like tooth sensitivity, tartar and cavities.

Pamper Your Mouth

With Dencare, you will never need another oral product
be it a mouthwash, a gum care lotion or a Dentist!
And did we mention, the level of freshness with Dencare is
Extraordinarily Exorbitant!