Hiatal Hernia Kit

Hiatal Hernia Kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Hiatal Hernia Kit is designed to help cure Hiatal Hernia Without Surgery.

  • Effectively reduces inflammation & burning in the esophagus & stomach
  • Helps restore healthy gut flora
  • Eliminates pathogenic bacteria in digestive tract
  • Very effective for hiatal hernia treatment
    Hiatal Hernia Natural Treatment
    Each 40 Day Kit Contains:
    • Hernica® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
    • Xembran® - 1 Bottle of 120 Tablets
    • Acidim® - 2 Bottles of 160 Tablets each


      Specially developed to help control a Hiatal-Hernia, this kit contains the Hernica®, Acidim®, and Xembran® products, which work together to alleviate GERD, Gastritis, acid reflux, and regulate the pH levels in the body while strengthening the digestive system naturally.

      Xembran® is a herbal supplement that controls H. Pylori bacteria and promotes healthy gut bacteria. Xembran® works by inhibiting the development of H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach, which are responsible for blocking production of digestive enzymes that break down food particles. It also works to promote healthy gut bacteria by stimulating bile production to help with digestion and by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the stomach.

      Research report outlines the effectiveness of Xembran in fighting H. Pylori. Click here to see report


      xembran contents

      Hernica® is a herbal supplement that helps reduce inflammation of the intestines and hernia. It provides relief from inflammation to the intestinal walls, which causes pain and discomfort. The antioxidants in Hernica help to reduce oxidative stress on the body by scavenging free radicals that are responsible for inflammation.


      hernica contents

      Acidim® aids in regulating acid reflux, and acting as a catalyst for the overarching healing process by maintaining optimal pH levels. 


      The three supplements combined work very effectively in Hiatal hernia cases.

      • 100% Safe & Herbal
      • No Added Chemicals
      • Express Delivery within 4-6 days  

       Note : If you experience bloating or Abdominal Pain, please include Stomium in your treatment.


      Hernica® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner

      Acidim® - 2 tablets thrice daily—after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner

      Xembran® - 1 tablet after breakfast, and 2 tablets after dinner daily

      All tablets need to be taken together immediately after meals. 


      Benefits should be noticeable within a few days in the form of reduced pain, discomfort, regurgitation and acid reflux. Within 3 months, symptoms should reduce substantially. As you approach 4 months, the hiatal hernia should begin to subside. 

      This kit is typically recommended for 4 - 6 months, or until complete recovery. We recommend using the kit for 40 days first, seeing the benefit and then continuing as needed. After complete recovery, the kit can be discontinued and will not be needed.

      We suggest a low protein diet (as the intestines are inflamed, their digestion power becomes weak and hence the low protein diet for easier digestibility) along with the kit, for best results. (Dietary guidelines are included with kit)


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      Grocare® Hiatal Hernia Kit
      US $194.92

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 70 reviews
      colito lagamayo
      i feel changes

      since i started last june 7 until today june 16, i can say , i can feel the improvement , i feel better than before , but still watchful with my diet and food volume i eat . although sometimes i still experience discomfort inside my stomach . considering i only taking this hiatal hernia kit for only 9 days , i can already feel the improvement , how i wish this healing process will not stop improving until my full recovery . I will continue to take this hiatal hernia kit and hopefully i can finish the required treatment period . I'm looking forward this wonder herb may eventually heal my hiatal hernia in due time . thank you very much grocare and more power to you .

      Donna Hosea

      So far it has stopped the burning and feeling better each day. My stomach feels better than ever have tried the kit back in the summer it really works but I need to keep at the 80 days, for better results. I feel this kit for Hiatal hernia is the best product money can buy.

      Thank You

      Ivanka Vasileva

      Thanks for the fast delivery! The products are very good and work well on my health.

      Kwesi Ewool

      First of all I’m glad to order from grocare herbal medicine and my Hiatal Hernia have been improved within two weeks of taking my medicine, all the inflammation in stomach has gone and I feel better now than the past ten years which suffering from complications disease and has taken my prescription drugs from my doctor which doesn’t work for me so stop for a couple of months and I found Grocare their medicine changed my life so I’ll continue order again until am well healed. Thank you, Kwesi UK.

      Eurold Principale

      Very efficient

      Sandeep Soni
      Hytial hernia

      It really Works

      Tulika kedia Kedia

      My sliding hiatal hernia caused bleeding Cameron lesions which in turn caused severe anemia. The need for repair was undeniable. I had resigned myself to sweeping lifestyle changes due to fundoplication surgery when I discovered Grocare's hiatal hernia kit solves this problem. I took it for 4 months (still continuing), now have no GERD, no pain or vomiting and am on a full regular diet (followed Grocare's diet plan for first 3 months) ! I ate half a chicken sandwich for lunch! Now, I am looking forward to a real life without the complications of the large hiatal hernia.Thanks Grocare

      Rina baid .

      I have been suffering with acid reflux and heartburns last 4 to 5 years. I had been prescribed antacids like Omiz, etc., and have been taking them since long every day sometimes 1 and at times 2 a day. If I stop consuming them for more than just 3 days, horrible reflux, heartburn, nausea and severe headaches commence and I am forced to return back to taking antacids. I have been having difficulty swallowing, and chest pain since past few months (almost thought I had a cardiac arrest last month but diagnosed severe inflammation probably due to the hiatal hernia). I had an endoscopy done last month and was diagnosed with hiatal hernia (a small one though). Surgery was done, but one year after the surgery, all the symptoms were back in place with Stomach bloating as a bonus ! My confidence in medical science was shaken. I took Grocare's hiatal hernia kit, and improvement was so much visible. I am still on it (even though 9 months have passed) but feel so good

      Mr zija

      At the moment I am 80% improving and I have no pain in my stomach


      One year back I had surgery for a large hiatal hernia. Again heartburn and throat irritation were coming back. I decided not to go the same path again. I took Grocare's hiatal hernia kit and feel so good. Now I regret about the surgery, wish I didn't do it.