Choose Lipican. Choose Life.

Every Lipican comes with a promise to you to help protect your heart.
We have very carefully analyzed each and every aspect before
putting Lipican together because we know the importance of your heart.
We understand that your life, is not just yours.

The Mode Of Action

Over 75% of the body’s cholesterol comes from the liver.
Lipican restores the metabolism of the human
body by addressing the liver directly. This helps reduce Triglyceride levels within the first
month itself. Lipican also encourages the liver to produce
High Density Lipoproteins (HDL), which eat up the Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)
to reduce cholesterol levels naturally

The Journey To Success

Years ago, a member of the Grocare family was discovered with a heart condition.
His LDL was soaring new heights and his HDL was at the bottom of the pit.
Statins secured him but reduced the quality of his life.
The R&D team could not see his plight and set out to find a solution.
They put together day and night and formulated
Lipican – which got him off statins, up and about within months!
We salute this dedication and perseverance of the R&D team.
This was the first time in History that anyone’s HDL levels increased from 21 to 45!
Such a drastic increase marked a
new achievement for Grocare – an innovation like no other.

Security For Your Heart

Lipican is very close to our hearts.
It took an immense amount of research by leading scientists to develop it.
The Result – The only Herbal Medicine that can
Raise HDL and maintain cholesterol level Naturally.