Osteoarthritis kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Osteoarthritis Kit is a research based kit designed to alleviate and control Osteoarthritis and related conditions.

Each 40 Day Kit Contains:
  • Absogen® - 1 Bottle of 60 Tablets
  • Oronerv® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Activiz® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets


Osteoarthritis (OA), is a huge disabling arthritis, characterized by progressive loss of hyaline cartilage, osteophyte formation and subchondral sclerosis. It is definitely one major issue in public health due to a wide proportion of the affected population, the duration of evolution and the lack of treatment. Pain, reduced joint function and difficulty to carry out daily activities.

No effective treatments are available for OA; this is mainly because of its complex, multimodal and indistinct pathology. Recent research knowledge highlights OA as a disease of entire joint affecting both articular and periarticular tissues.

Grocare's Osteoarthritis kit has anti-arthritis activity of Absogen-Activiz-Oronerv combination and focuses on three critical events of OA pathology – synovial inflammation, oxidative stress produced by the diseased cells and cartilage loss in a significant manner. Pls see research report here.  

Absogen is a research based product based on divine bhasmas of precious gem stones known to cure many incurable disease and rich herbs. It has been studied extensively to work as an immuno modulator, anti inflammatory, corrects Mitochondrial imbalance, corrects immunity disorder and also stimulate good cells in the body. Thus, within 2-3 weeks, patients report significant reduction in pain and discomfort.

Oronerv helps restore and synchronize the nervous and vascular systems in the body. With the increased blood flow throughout the body, it can help to flush out any toxins that may be causing inflammation within the veins. The ingredients within this product are predominantly anti-inflammatory in nature, which can help to reduce the pressure in the veins as well and hopefully restore normal blood flow throughout the body.

Activiz has ingredients that can help with inflammation, as well as aging. It has a lot of overall benefits to help with the many systems within the body as well, and can help to provide an overall feeling of wellness. The antioxidant properties of the ingredients can help to remove the toxins that can interfere with normal processes like blood flow in the body. Also provides synergy and restores healthy functioning of the reproductive system.


Absogen - 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner

(in severe conditions - 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner)

Oronerv - 2 tablets after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner

Activiz - 2 tablets after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner