Piles & Haemorrhoids. Simplified.

Need of a Piles or Haemorrhoids Care system gave rise to the formulation of Restotab.
Its a formulation that was designed meticulously to
support your system.

The Need Of The Hour

Sedentary Lifestyle increases pressure on the intestines to deliver,
which slows down digestive process.
It slows the excretion process and may in turn increase
pressure in the adjoining areas of the anus.
Thus the Rectal area swells up primarily due to congestion of veins.
It causes in-numerous problems during excretion.
There is no drug in the world that can handle this task
Single Handedly Ensuring Zero Side Effects.
Enter Restotab.

The Mode Of Action

Restotab is a herbal formulation that helps to normalise the pressure
in veins adjoining the anus by reducing the congestion of veins
thereby reducing the swelling and initial discomfort.
It helps to heal ruptured veins which helps to stop the associated bleeding and pain.
This way Restotab maintains the natural system in the body

No Side Effects. Whatsoever!

Being completely herbal in nature Restotab is designed keeping you in mind.
We conducted various additional tests on it just to be completely sure
that there were absolutely no side effects.
The result was a formulation carved to perfection.