Varicocele Kit

Varicocele Kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Varicocele Kit is designed to help cure Varicocele Without Surgery.

This kit was developed specifically to help reduce inflammation of the veins in the scrotum, regulate the body’s pH and to detoxify the body thereby curing varicocele naturally. 

  • Effectively reduces inflammation & provides strength to the veins 
  • Helps restore healthy gut microflora
  • Helps balance pH & removes toxins from the body
  • Very effective for varicocele treatment

Each 40 Day Kit Contains:

  • Oronerv® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Activiz® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Acidim® - 2 Bottles of 160 Tablets each

Featuring potent all-natural ingredients, this powerful Varicocele kit includes Oronerv®, Activiz®, and Acidim®. They work in harmony to strengthen valves within the veins and regulate blood flow thereby helping with varicocele. 

Oronerv® strengthens the valves and inner linings of the veins, helping to improve blood flow, and repair and synchronise the nervous and vascular systems within the body. Activiz® acts as a catalyst to the healing process by synergising and recuperating internal systems whilst maintaining a healthy sperm count. Acidim® reduces the production of free radicals and toxins in the body, which helps to relieve pressure on the valves, and enables them to function as designed. This treatment focusses on the root cause of the condition thereby effectively curing varicocele.


oronerv contents


activiz contents


In all cases of grade 2 and above, the underlying cause of varicocele is digestive or stomach disorders / IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome which include passing motions more than 1-2 times a day, acidity, abdominal pain, weak intestines, resulting in underweight or weight loss or excessive weight gain. This should to be tackled simultaneously to cure varicocele from the root cause by taking Xembran and Stomium and Castor oil in addition to with Varicocele kit.  


Oronerv® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner

Activiz®  - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner

Acidim® - 2 tablets thrice daily—after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner

In cases of accompanied constipation or acidity, we additionally recommend taking 1 Xembran® tablet after breakfast, and two tablets after dinner & 2 Stomium® tablet after breakfast, and two tablets after dinner


Symptomatic pain relief should be noticeable within a few weeks of use. Recovery generally takes around 6 months.

The timeline can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the Varicocele, diet, and lifestyle.

A recommended diet chart will be provided with this Varicocele kit.  


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Grocare® Varicocele Kit
US $164.88

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Pascal N.
Varicocele kit

It's indeed an amazing product as I feel much better now, great improvement, hoping that count will improve and i will get my wife pregnant in a short while, thanks very much. I am taking V-kit, stomium, zembran and abronym. God bless grocare products

Thompson Ashamu

Grocare kit for Vericoceles work very good

Nicolas Ntemuanengu
My feedback

I received the Varicocele kit asquickly as expected. Thanks for that. But it is early to rate the efficiency of the product. Il will get back to you as soon as I recover. Thanks

Sharmila Das

I got 2 Surgeries done first in Delhi and then 2nd in Bangalore for my varicocele. But the pain, discomfort persisted. No doctor was able to help. Tried homeopathy also. Sperm count, their motility, Erectile dysfunction all were problems, and also pain all the time. Grocare was a great help, their varicocele kit works


I was 28, and life was normal. But sex life was not normal. So I went for check up and USG report mentioned Vericocelle grade 2. Doctors were forcing Surgery. My parents said No. So took homeopathic. Then took Grocare varicocele kit for 8 moths, now I am totally normal.

Saraswati .

My one testie was smaller than the other, and also used to pain sometimes, so with that worry, I consulted a doctor, who in turn, sent me for a scan. I found Varicocele grade 3. Surgery was suggested which scared me and my family, as i was just 23. Was told that there is no medicines for it in modern science, Unbelievable ! Then I tried homeopathy, it did not work much. Then one friend told me grocare and i took their varicocele kit, got improvment and got cured in about 8 months. Shame to modern medicine and 3 cheers to Grocare !

Jasbeen Verma

I am 27 and it took me long time to understand what is my medical problem. I could not discuss with my family, could only discuss with my friends. But the doctors willl demand huge money for the Varicocele surgery, so i had to go to family. They also did not know much about the problem, and thought that I only have created this due to my possible bad habits. After long struggle and search, I found Grocare and convinced my family about it. My height is 5'8" and weight was 102 kg, so Grocare expert told me that my metabolism is bad, and the varicocele is the result of it, they gave me varicocele kit and 2 more products xembran and stomium. Now my weight is 79, and varicocele is gone. I am so much thankful to Grocare

Lakshmipadma Akula

I was a father at the age of 30 and life was good. Then at age 32, we wanted to have another child but after few months of trying, my wife was not able to conceive. So, we both showed to doctors. I was told that I have varicocele and need an urgent surgery. Even though i was convered under insurance, i was worried about the surgery. I had heard from 2 friends who had gone their varicocele surgery done, and were suffering even after surgery. So, i looked around and took grocare treatment for 6 months, then continued further for 3 more months and luckily my wife became pregnant. My confidence level is at an all time high now

Rajeshree Naik

I am 24 and was suffering from grade 4 Varicocele. My sperm count was very low and ED problem. Tried many doctors in Hyderabad area but all said surgery is the only option. Finally, my parents agreed and 14 months ago, surgery was done. After 3 weeks, problems slowly returned. We contacted the Surgeon who said 'Surgery was successful' and sent us back. Someone suggested Grocare's varicocele kit and we contacted Grocare. They asked about stomach and digestion issues also. First we thought negatively about them. But they explained how stomach and digestion is linked to varicocele, and gave us varicocele kit plus 2 more products Stomium and Xembran. Reluctantly we took them all. Within a week, pain was gone. We took all 5 products for 4 months (as against 6 months suggested by Grocare) and got cured.

Sabitha Nagothu .

I am 22 and just started working, go to my work place on My Motor cycle. On sitting, I used to feel pain and discomfort in my testicles. Sometimes the pain was unbearable. So I consultted a doctor. He got a ultrasound done and found varicocele grade 2. Asked me to go for surgery. I lost my sleep for almost a month and then found grocare. took their treatment and to hell with the surgery, i am absolutely fine and kicking....Long live Grocare. After that, I have suggested this treatment to many of my friends, who all get benefitted.