Rejuvenate The Female Reproductive System. Naturally.

Yerovac is the first herbal formulation specifically made to rejuvenate and strengthen the female reproductive system. It helps disintegrate cysts naturally and helps reinstate natural reproductive activity - without any side effects

A Completely Unique Mode Of Action

Yerovac is designed to help the human body gain strength and to act as a facilitator for regular reproductive action. Reproduction may be hampered due to miniscule problems in the organs - such as incorrect pH, or sub clinical infections. In addition, the body becomes weak due to irregular lifestyle and cannot tackle said problems. Yerovac is specifically designed to eliminate these problems and restore reproductive activity naturally. 

We've Coined A New Term. Side Benefits!

You’ve heard the term ‘side effects’ from the white sheet that comes with all the existing medications available. Today, we would like to bring a word to you that Acidim forced us to coin – Side Benefits. By being completely herbal in nature with complementary ingredients, Acidim not only helps heal diseases related to pH but also enhances other aspects of the body. We’d love to tell you what they are, but what’s the fun in us telling you when you can find out for yourself!

At The Forefront Of Traditional Research.

Each ingredient has been carefully analyzed before adding to Yerovac. We’ve not just tested the isolated ingredients, but also conducted various tests on how two or more ingredients react to each other. Only after a lot of rigorous research and testing did we introduce Yerovac, to make sure you get nothing but the best.