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Made with Sodii Biboras, Yerovac can potentially reduce the symptoms associated with polycystic ovary disease and can help with irregular menstrual cycles.

180 tablets.

Tablet Size: 250mg.

This herbal supplement was designed to help rejuvenate and strengthen the female reproductive system. There are a number of reasons that a problems within the female reproductive system can occur. This formula was developed to help reduce the toxins and possibly bacteria that can be causing problems. In addition, this product contains aloe vera which can help to enhance the female reproductive system as well as helping to stabilize hormones which can play a large role in PCOS.

In Ayurveda, selection of combination of various herbs is the key. When designing a formula, emphasis is given to helping alleviate the cause of the problem, making the product as safe as possible, & helping to ensure that the problem does not recur. With this philosophy, Grocare developed their many herbal products. 

Below are important contents (herbs) that are included in the formulation. Please note that it is the combination and process of manufacture that is more important for results than published results of individual herbs.

Sodii biboras is a patented proprietary processed ingredient in Yerovac and has following medicinal properties - antacid, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, carminative, digestive stimulant, antispasmodic and emmenagogue. It can also be found to have antimicrobial action. It can influence female reproductive tract and may be helpful in alleviating amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and menorrhea.

Aloe vera has been specifically processed with Sodii biboras to enhance its activity on female reproductive organs. Its actions include antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory activity. It can also help to improve and stabilize hormones.

Citrus aurantifolia has a high content of vitamin C in its most natural form. It has anti-spasmodic, detoxifying, and antiseptic properties.

Directions for Use: 
1-2 tablets 2 times daily after meals, or as indicated in applicable disease medication or as directed.

Side effects: 
Yerovac® does not have any side effects if taken within the prescribed dosage. It can safely be consumed by persons with diabetes, high blood pressure or women who are pregnant. It does not cause any harm/ adverse effect in above cases.

yerovac contents

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