• I am feeling much better after starting xembran and acidim. I feel very well that my body toxins are excreted. motion and urine such a bad odour.gastritis becoming good. Thanks Grocare

    Dharmapuri, India

  • Grade IV Varicocele on right side. Its been a while and the medicine took its time but Grocare's support helped me and kept me on the medicine. Now I am completely free from varicocele and have a child on the way. Pls share my report below as anonymous. 

     Click here to enlarge


  • Dear Sir/madam, I found the medicine is very use full and almost I am cured, I may stop this medicine in couple of months, thanks for your support, I have referred four of my friends and relatives for their health issues and already two of them informed that their issues are reducing day by day. Once again thanks. Regards krish


    Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

  • Three years ago I stared having bouts of vertigo with severs perspiration, vomitting and feeling of severe spinning.This frquency increased rapidly. while searching on internet I came to know about grocares vertigo kit. I ordered the same and stared regular doses as suggested. now for the past two months the condition seems to have improved as during this period I did not have any more vertigo bouts

    Arun M Sharma

  • Your medication is unbelievable. i could not sleep now i can sleep, back pain is gone, acid it was too much but now is better; i was not breathing very well now i can see changes. your medication is working keeping on doing great Job. May GOD of mercy give you more life and bless you what ever your doing, thank you very much. i can not wait for order

    Milly, Zimbabwe

  • Hello

    My major complaints(fullness, bloating and acidity) are getting reduced slowly. Very hopeful as suffering from a very long time. 

    Brisbane, Australia

  • First of all, thank you so much.
    Relief from pain / gastric distress was almost immediate. 
    Thanks to wonderful new diet and even more wonderful Grocare Hernia treatment, slow 
    improvement is already noticeable.  :)

    J Dadlani, Pune, India

    Pune, India

  • Hello sir/madam

    I have been using grocare medicine since two n half months and it gives me immense pleasure to tell you that ur medicine is really doing wonders n i hv improved a lot in my Gastritis problem.

    Thanks for providing such beneficial kits..


    Purnima koul

    Ghaziabad, U.P. India

  • Dear Grocare Team / Dr. Swapna, 

    I am writing this email to thank you for the wonderful medicine (Hiatal Hernia Kit) that Grocare has been providing. I used to live in the United States for over 12 years, and had to live alone for a couple of months in 2017. During that time I had inculcated several bad food/eating habits such as skipping my breakfast, replacing my breakfast with just coffee, eating very late at night, eating reheated home-made food that was frozen for over 2 months, etc. My problems started with symptoms such as excessive hunger (I used to feel hungry immediately after having a meal), bloating (if do not have food immediately after the first few rumblings), and stomach pain. I consulted with several GI specialties in both the United States and India. I was prescribed different kinds of PPIs all of which helped me only momentarily but made me dependent on them. I even tried Homeopathy which seemed to work at the beginning  but did not work after a couple of weeks. In fact those medications actually made my conditions worse. I had three endoscopies (for every 3 months) that confirmed that I have a Hiatal Hernia and Esophagitis. I started having persistent throat burns and heart burns on a daily basis since the acid in my stomach could traverse all the way up to my mouth. Whenever I had pain, I used to eat a lot to neutralize the acid so that I could feel better. I ended up overeating (7 or 8 times a day), and hence started to put on more weight which made my conditions even worse. I was stuck in this vicious cycle for several months. I could not focus on my work, and could not make any major commitments at work. I restrained myself from going out for several months because I did not want to end up in a situation where I cannot have food immediately when I start having pain. I moved back to India for good in April 2018. After coming to India I tried Homeopathy and Naturopathy. I was very hopeless because nothing seemed to work. Many resources said that Hiatal Hernia is progressive, and cannot be cured. I was worried that I might develop Esophageal cancer if I keep getting acid refluxes for a prolonged period of time. I was considering fundoplication surgery but many blogs stated that the conditions returned or even worsened after the surgery. I was totally HOPELESS. That’s when I googled and found out about Grocare. I was very impressed with the way how the medications are expected to work for a given health condition. I ordered my first kit and started having my medication in September 2018. Also I have been strictly following the diet chart that came along with the kit. I think you guys have the best understanding of how diet influences the health conditions associated with Gastritis and Hiatal Hernia. I have tried many diets such as GERD diet, Naturopathic diet, Low FODMAP diet and so on but nothing worked like the one I got from Grocare. Nearly 5-6 weeks after I started taking your medication, and following your diet chart I started feeling much better. All my symptoms have subsided. I am more confident now, and fell that I just got my life back! I do not mean to say that I am fully recovered yet but I am certainly confident that I am on my way towards complete cure. I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Note: Please feel free to post this testimonial on your website because I can relate to every human being that suffers from Hiatal Hernia. I honestly think nobody should have to go through the pain when ACIDIM+HERNICA+XEMBRAN are around :)

    Kannan Subramanian, Chennai, India

    Chennai, India

  • April 2018 I was diagnosed with a large hiatus hernia and had many symptoms of pain in chest and acidity and reflux. Started your treatment after 2 weeks and saw improvements. There were ups and downs but your guidance helped me understand what to do to control it. Keeping on the diet was not easy but really sped things up. I had sort of relapses of acidity twice during the treatment but that was again pre mentioned by you and extra dose of acidim controlled it very well. Now it is august 2018 and my reports are completely normal. I have no symptoms but as requested will continue medicines for 8 months total and then discontinue. Thank you very much. 

    My before and after reports. Please publish these so that others can see how great your medicines are. But please blur my name from the reports. 

    Click here to enlarge

    Anonymous, Trichy

  • Grocare's Note: Before and after report submitted by user. Shows Grade 5 hiatal hernia, antral gastritis and deodenal folds in report on left side and a few weeks later report shows no hiatal hernia, no folds, and no gastritis. Patient was still experiencing mild symptoms because it was only a few weeks into treatment. Upon continuation these symptoms subside completely. 

    Name anonymised as per request. Click to enlarge

    Anonymous, Dubai

  • In less than 4 months, my Hiatal hernia and Antral Gastritis of several years got nearly cured, thanks Grocare. I am attaching my reports of before start of treatment and latest (I am continuing treatment based on Grocare's advice)

    Name not disclosed

    Mumbai, India

  • This is month 9 - hernias about 98% gone thanks to hernica and acidim ——I am happy with the results and thank you very much

    Phil Fish, Germany

    Phil Fish, Germany

  • I was suffering from severe ulcer problems. stomachache after eating, indigestion, bloated stomach, low weight, weakness, and many other complications for quite some time. 6 months of Grocare's treatment (Xembran and Acidim) has nearly cured me. Thanks

    Asha Matta, Delhi, India

    Asha Matta, Delhi, India

  • hi my age is 29, I have 1 kid , i had a problem of PCOD for the last 6 years , As I was taking homeopathi treatment for the past two years..i dint get the my periods regularly, lot of pain and discomft and getting over weight .I was suggested Grocare and started taking Yerovac and Activiz as part of PCOS/PCOD kit. Within a month, there was some improvement in pain reduction. In the 3rd month of my treatment, periods became regular. Now I am in 6th month, and all problems have disappeared, also weight is much less. My life has been saved, Thanks Grocare !

    Nisha, Kolkata, India



    with Grocare Hernia treatment comprising Hernica, Acidim and Xembran (suggested by Grocare team), my 95% pain has gone away. Thanks Grocare !

    ANIRUDDHA SHEOREY, Nagpur, India


  • my Gastritis symptoms were -

    1. lack of appetite

    2.feeling of fullness after eating

    3.slight sensation of pain in abdomen after eating lasting for some time


    Endoscopy report impression- 

              *   Multiple erosions seen all over the stomach & in 1st part of duodenum 

              *    H.pylori -    positive 

              *    Antrum- gastric mucosa 
    After trying many doctors for my Gastritis, I was recommended Grocare and I took Xembran and Acidim. Initially, I had to take increased dose of Acidim and was also advised STOMAID due to possible Amoeba. Gradually the 3 products worked and in about 8-9 months, I am almost cured. Thanks Grocare !

    Reagan Greer, USA

    Reagan Greer

  • I had heart burn for several years and was diagnosed as Antral Gastritis with erosions. Years of allopathic treatment were waste of time, money and energy. Then I found Grocare and took treatment comprising of Xembran and Acidim, and within 4 weeks, started seeing results, took for about 9 months and now almost cured of the problem.....Grocare products actually work !

    Yousif ALI AHMED, Sharjah, UAE

    Yousif ALI AHMED

  • The Grocare Team

    Thank you guys for the Springboard to my new lifestyle.

    On the 9th June 2017 I began my life changing experience.
    I'm come to the end of the Herbal treatment for my Abdominal Hernia which is fully healed now.

    Your two prong approach has worked wonders for me, despite how difficult it's been to take on your mother of all Diet's.

    My Sugar, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, PSA and Blood Pressure are presently all of outstanding value.

    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards
    David Matthee, Botswana

    David Matthee, Botswana

  • Hi,

    I recently bought the Diabetes kit from you (ACIDIM and Diadoma) and regularly taking in after Breakfast and dinner. I started noticing the benefits. The blood sugar levels started plummeted.

    Meenakshi Sundaram, Dublin, Ireland

    Meenakshi Sundaram, Dublin, Ireland

  • I was not at all able to eat due to gerd and Hiatus hernia. it’s almost 4 months now and feeling much better and able to eat.  if any one has a similar problem will motivate him to use grocare ..I was going through tough time before...Thanks to Madam in Grocare !

    Now, I am completely cured and stopping the medicines, Great products, Grocare.....

    Pallav Shah, Mumbai, India

    Pallav Shah, Mumbai, India

  • Hello grocare. I should thank you for your medicine as I have seen great improvement in my hiatus hernia case. I completed 6 months course with much betterment I have no sickness times and have mounting energy
    Thanks Grocare
    Sultan, Muscat, Oman

    Sultan, Oman

  • Hello sir,

    date of test         HBA1C     fasting    2hr Post Prandial        urine glucose ( Apollo Hospital Chennai)  Started Grocare Diabetes on 15 july 17


     28 june 2017      8.8            208             162                           +                                                               took 3 time for 5 months and 2 times since 15 dec17


      17 jan 2018         7.2            173           172                            Trace                                                       


      Height   5ft 5 inches  Wt 64 kg   age 64  male


      Sir  i have started Grocare Diabetes on 15 july 2017 initially i  took the medicine three times as per your

      chart. On monitoring the sugar level in house as it was less than 150 number of times i took  your medicine

      2 times from December 2nd week onwards.  I am taking the Grocare prostate from december 2nd week onwards


     Grocare has helped to bring down HBA1C level and also overall felt better.

    Subbiah Chinnasamy, Chennai, India

    Freedom from diabetes

  • I have been taking Acidim tablets every day for sometime and in my last 2 urinalysis reports, the pH is either around 6.9/6.8 or 7 (neutral)!! Wonderful.   
    Deepankar Das, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

    Deepankar Das

  • I am completing my second batch of hernia cure — hernias very much better and I think would be gone if the muscles heal over —-thank you a lot -as even if this is as far as it goes it is much much better


  • Your medication is unbelievable. i could not sleep now i can sleep, back pain is gone, acid it was too much but now is better; i was not breathing very well now i can see changes. your medication is working keeping on doing great Job. May GOD of mercy give you more life and bless you what ever your doing, thank you very much. i can not wait for order

    Milly, Zimbabwe

  • Hello 

    Yes I am  seeing some improvement in my Hernia. I have not yet completed the first bottle of hernia and acidim I still have a set of full containers. As I start on the next set I will make the next order. Now to the  report : The growth or protrusion has shrunk in size, when I apply pressure to the area it feels softer and I could feel like air moving around in the area. I do not feel any pain whatever. I have to revisit my doctor on October 17th. He is making preparation for surgery, which I obviously will not take.

    Veronica Griffith, Barbados

    Veronica Griffith - Hernia - in the process of getting cured

  • I am glad to inform you that your medicines really works. My mother aged 97 years was suffering from Tinnitus ( continuous noise in ear/brain) for the last 8 to 10 years. Due to this she remained disturb all the time and felt difficulty in sleeping also. The local ENT Doctors told me that this disease could not be diagnosed.  After taking these medicines she is now feeling much better and noise has almost gone. At present I don't require further medicines. I am really very much thankful to you. My mother's blessings are with you.
    Yours sincerely, H.P. Badola, Dehradun, India

    H.P. Badola

  • I am glad to inform that the medicines supplied by you have benefited my mother much. My mother aged 97 years, who was suffering from the above disease - Tinnitus ( noise in ear/brain ) for the last 8 to 10 years is now feeling better and also not feeling any 

    problem in sleeping. I think her disease has now been completely gone. I am very much thankful for the help provided by the Grocare India.

    Anonymous, India

  • Hi! I’m doing much better, actually, I started seeing a difference within the first week of starting the vertigo treatment.  I can do so many things now.  I hope the vertigo doesn’t come back at all! I will be ordering my next treatment soon.  Thanks for everything, Grocare India.

    Norma P. Garcia, Texas, USA

    Norma P. Garcia, Texas, USA

  • I haven't felt so positive and healthy for a long tlme. Only started treatment on 9th June - in last 6 days. Your Diet has been testing but due to my circumstances I'm coping welI, it's tough for sure. Been life changing for me so far. But this alone is a huge Blessing! Definitely less Hernia pain, size of Hernia is much the same. I'll be placing my follow up order next week. I'm Ecstatic, thank you so much Grocare. 

    Bob, Botswana

  • Hi,


    Kindly find attached my payment confirmation for the order below for 40 day varicocele kit. Your medicines have benefited me a lot. Thank you.

    Please rush the kit to me as soon as you can since I have almost run out of Oronerv.

    Anonymous, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

  • Dear Sirs, I recently purchased the kt for Hiatal Hernia. I am very impressed by the results. In about 2 weeks i already begin to feel relief. The stomach bloating is almost gone and the pain has been reduced by about 90%. I have been suffering with stomach issues since January of this year. I have tried several combos of over the counter meds and natural remedies as well but with very little improvement, frankly it was very discouraging, however your medication is by far the one offering real result.. I was reviewing your website and could find any recommendation to restore the hearth function, you have any suggestions, Thank You
    Andre Dore, Ontario, Canada

    Andre Dore, ONTARIO, Canada

  • Hi,


    Thanks! I started seeing the benefits in less than 3 weeks into the program. My Hernia pain is gone now, heaviness in the abdomen is reduced. I am getting great response and assistance for my queries and the diet controls. Thanks for your help!!



    Vasudevan Krishnan, Chennai, India

    Vasudevan Krishnan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

  • Hi there,

    I am taking the Acidim and the Oronerv pills for about 1 month. My tinnitus has improved, however I also suffer from a Schatzki-ring or achalasia, which is a nerve related problem of the esophageal sphincter muscle. I had 2 surgeries with a balloon device to open the Schatzki-ring, the only treatment available or recommended in the US, but the affect only lasted a few days. About 2 weeks into the treatment with your medicine, my achalasia has all but disappeared. Since this condition causes around 200 death annually in the US from choking on food particles, I felt compelled to write this note to you. You may publish my experience if you like. I have lived with this for about 10 years and even when I am very cautious when eating, I frequently had to regurgitate food which can be very embarrassing and even dangerous. For about 2 weeks now I have been able to eat my meals without problems. 

    best regards and keep up the research,

    Franz Pusch, Fallbrook, USA

    Franz Pusch, Fallbrook, USA - about Tinnitus and esophageal sphincter muscle.

  • I have taken acidim, yerovac nd activiz for pcos 1 month ago and now I m feeling better with these medicines.  I got painless periods nd normal bleeding during periods. I think its working for me


  • I had been a borderline case since 5 years and was taking Glucophage 500mg once a day to control my sugar levels since about 2 years. But I was facing severe problems like indigestion, gas, tiredness and pain everywhere in my body since then. My hb1c has been around 7 since a long time. A few months back I came to know of Grocare through a friend so I got in touch with them and started taking Diadoma and Acidim for my diabetes. The first thing i noticed once my glucophage stopped was that the other problems went away. I started feeling light on my stomach and this helped me reduce stress at work. Eventually i started feeling better and recent report shows hb1c at 5.9 at my sugar is completely in control. Thank you. I am attaching my reports below for you. 
    Click Here to Enlarge

    Aditya Rao, Pune

  • Hi my age is 55, About 6 years ago, my fasting sugar came to 150 and I was immediatley put on glucophage 500 twice daily + an Antacid. This did control the sugar level but created problems in the stomach. So I started looking for options. Someone suggested Grocare and I started using Diadoma and Acidim both. I don't take any other medicine other than Grocare's. My sugar levels hb1c is now 5.9 and fasting sugar around 90. Also I am taking normal sugar intake. I am tending to agree with Grocare that Diabetes is not only about insulin but about Liver and pH levels as well. Thanks to Grocare for making my life comfortable.

    Parag Malhotra, Businessman, Bangalore Age 55

    Parag Malhotra

  • It is a great pleasure from deep of my hart that my baby is safe from hernia . I was hopeless by thinking that there was no choice left except surgery and I feared my baby was only for 1 and half year only with low weight & growth . I was scared. The baby is precious for me and my wife suffered a lot for his survival since his premature birth . I continued Hernia from Grocare for one year regularly and slowly hernia reduced. Thank U very very much Grocare for adding + to my life and this adventure is remarkable to me throughout my life.

    Experience by -Partha Mookherjee ,Channarayapatna Taluk Hassan Dist, Karnataka, India

    Hernia cured - one and a half year baby

  • I am 16 years of age and I started getting my periods when I was 14. They have always been very painful. They used to make me cry and I could not get out of the house or go to school. My mother convinced me to try this because she heard from her friend that it works. Under careful guidance by grocare, now there is no pain at all. 

    Shreya Karmarkar, Navi Mumbai, India

  • So I have been taking Diadoma for about over a month now. I was taking 5 units of insulin a day, but under supervision of the Grocare staff I can gladly say that I have stopped taking insulin now and I am positive that my allopathic medication will also reduce overtime. I feel great, I have not experienced any weakness at night since I started taking this. Thank you. Will keep updating :)

    Micheal Smith, San Diego, USA

  • Hello. I would like this to published as anonymous. 
    We have been trying to conceive for a over four years now without any results. We consulted specialists who gave us so many treatments which were very costly, but ineffective. Eventually we conducted tests and found out I had PCOS. I used to have painful periods, but everyone I knew told me it was normal so i ignored it and just beared through the pain. I never resorted to pain killers. When we started trying, my pain reduced but it seems I was not able to conceive. Its been just 3 months i have been on this medication, and for once I shock my friends and my mother telling them that my periods are pain free. I honestly do not know whether this will help me conceive. But under Grocare's guidance I am so relieved that something is finally working for me. Thank you for replying to all my queries so fast, it really helps. Hoping for the best. 

    Anonymous, Age 32, New south wales, Australia

  • After visiting over fifteen doctors and taking all precautions and medicines prescribed, i got fed up and started searching online for an alternative when I came across this medicine Yerovac and Activiz. It arrived in three days and i started taking it immediately. Now, whenever I used to chum I would get severe pain for the first 2 days and then I would continue chumming for about 7-8 days with less pain which was occasional. The first period I got after taking these medicines was the first time I did not have to resort to any pain killers. My periods ended in three days and they were smooth and were "mildly uncomfortable". From the second period onwards, I was not scared of starting my periods. I just want to thank this medicine. 

    Anonymous, New York

  • Hello everyone, my hba1c was 8.5, with fasting sugar over 220. I tried various allopathy doctors and they gave me metformin, glucophage, and several other products, but fasting sugar never came below 150. Also, I used to feel fatigue throughout the day. Then I came across Grocare and started on Diadoma and Acidim. Now, everything is good as I don't take any metformin, or glucophage no insulin. Feel fresh throughout. Thanks Grocare

    Sanjay Nigade, Pune

    Sanjay Nigade, Pune

  • Hello, my age is 55 and I hail from a family history of diabetes. 2 years ago, I found my fasting sugar at 124. Within 15 days, it was 148 at fasting forcing me to visit a doctor. He gave me glucophage 500 twice daily and asked me to stop any sweets completely. No sweet tea or coffee, no nimbu paani, no ice cream. It was a very difficult way to live, but I tried for about a month. During this period, I had a bad stomach, as a side effect of the allopathic medicine. So, the doctor gave another medicine for the bad stomach. It did not cure the problem and created further issues. At that time, I contacted Grocare who gave be Diadoma and Acidim. I started on 2 tablets Diadoma and 2 tablets Acidim twice daily, and thank God and Grocare, my life has become great. Now fasting sugar comes within 110, hba1c is below 6.5, and I live my life normally. No need to avoid normal sugar items. Though I don't splurge on sweets, but occasionally enjoy them without any problems. I am sharing my experience so that others can benefit too.

    Abhishek Goel, Pune

    Abhishek Goel, Pune

  • Hi Grocare and its customers ! I used to get terrified with the thought that my period is about to come. Reason was shooting pain and fatigue. Then Yerovac and Activiz came to my life and ever since then, I do not fear this monthly routine.

    Thanks Grocare for helping me and I have been recommending to all my friends for their Cramps, Mensturation disturbances and such issues.

    Name not disclosed, Female 18, Delhi

    Name not disclosed, Female 18, Delhi

  • Hi I am married for last 6 years, age 32, with 1 child. I had many problems during my monthly periods, mood changes, too much or too less bleeding and worst was there was lot of pain before. A friend of mine suggested Yerovac strongly, and I took it reluctantly. To my surprise, it gave dramatic results and I am extremely happy now. Thanks to my friend and Grocare. I would strongly advice to all young girls for their menstruration cramps and also to married young women for their PCOD problems. Due to social stigma, I am not giving my name, sorry about it.

    Anonymous Female, Age 32, Mumbai, India

    Anonymous, Mumbai, India

  • Thanks Grocare...


    The medications for hernia have helped immensely!!!!!


    I will be re-ordering another 1.5 month supply in the near future.


    Thank you all so much, this has been unbelievable!!!


    Jeff Struthers, USA

    Jeff Struthers

  • My age is 32 and I have had bloating, acidity, gas, weight variations, and fatigue kind of issues for last several years. In one of the tests, I was found to have H Pylori, doctors gave me antibiotics, but my stomach was never at optimum levels. One day, someone told me about Grocare's Xembran, I laughed at it, and said to my friend, when the best antibiotics did not work on me, how a herbal product can heal me? I told him that this must be a marketing gimmick of Grocare and ignored it.

    Somehow, after sometime, I changed my mind and took the Xembran. Within a month, my judgement changed seeing dramatic results. My vomitting feeling went away, bloating, acidity etc. was much lesser and I decided to give more time and more care to Grocare. Now, it is almost 4 months, and I should say, I am 90% plus normal. Thanks Grocare ! Keep up the good work.

    Naveen Sharma, Bhopal, M.P. India

    Naveen Sharma, Bhopal, M.P.

  • My fight with H Pylori for last many years has finally ended successfully, thanks to Grocare ! I had taken more than 6-7 tests in last as many years and it used to come positive or sometimes negative, but the symptoms of gas, acidity, bloating, discomfort, always prevalied. Taken a number of antibiotics with relief but the relief was never lasting. The problem will go but will come back on stopping antibiotic. Then I tried Xembran from Grocare and within a month, started feeling much much better. In 3 months, I was almost normal and the report also tested negative for H Pylori. However, Grocare advised me to continue and take full treatment for 6 months, so that the possiblity of relapse is ruled out. Now, it is over 4 months that I left the treatment and there is no problems whatsoever. Thanks Grocare for your wonderful treatments !

    Ramesh Soni, 42 years, Agra, UP, India

    Ramesh Soni, Agra, India

  • My hernia is getting soft. I think this may work. Everybody,doctors,wife says this wn't work. No wonder I was skeptical. I now think 2 more months and it will be gone. Thank God and thank you grocare. Thomas Hackbarth.

    Thomas Hackbarth, USA

  • This is regarding my Wife who was suffering with Vericose vein disease from past 12-15 years, but she didn’t take it seriously as it was not so painful in the starting. But 8 months earlier my wife at 40 years age felt with so much pain in legs and her foot. Even she was not able to stand long, also not able to walk more.  I did many treatment in allopathy, also I asked every doctor of each and every hospital, they told me that it needs surgery and some private hospitals i.e. FORTIS said that we can treat it with laser also & it will get removed & 99% chance to not to activate again after the treatment. Afterwards I asked the known patients treated by them to find out that do they actually what they say and then I came to know that Varicose vein can occur again after surgery also.
    So I searched on internet and came to know about Grocare. Initially I didn’t believe that it can be cured by just taking 10-15 days medicines. Grocare told me to try for 1 month so I just gave a try and ordered 1 ½  month’s medicine at the month of August 2016.  After 1 month the pain reduced upto 50-60%. With the regular followup & super guidance of Meenu Mam, Now it has been 5 months passed out of taking these medicines and touchwood, she is all well without pain.  Even now she is able to do regular walk in morning and evening upto 2-3 kms per day without stocking. Also pain during standing gets released. Earlier my wife was using Stockings now nowhere require wearing stockings. Still treatment is going on for next 1-2 months more as advised. Soon I am 100% sure that the pain will go away forever. And trust me, it works like a Magic for me & realized GOD is present somewhere in Grocare.
    I especially thankful to Meenu mam & entire Grocare team for helping me to get my wife condition all well.
    Thank you very much Meenu Mam & Grocare for whatever you did for us to make the life healthy and all the best for future work that you are doing to “Serve The people To Serve The Nation”.

    Arun Verma, Noida, UP, India

    Arun Verma, Noida, UP, India

  • 4 years before my mom had a gall bladder operation and than one year before uterus tumar and appendix operation after that hernia...doc informed that operation is the only option. But my mom also had sugar and high pressure so doc said operation will be complicated... than I searched Google found u people thought to give try just for mental satisfaction...but when I talked to u guys the way u people explained I feeled confidant and order the product...and now 6 month is running and almost 80 percent hernia gone...no pain ...no discomfort...following the diet chart religiously and taking medicine on time as informed. Thank u

    Jahid Hussein, Assam

  • I have used this product Nervica acidim since 3 months. Benefits are great. Frequency of attacks reduced from once in 2 days to once a month. Even intensity of attack is come down 70%. Will continue till cured. 

    Paulene Diaze, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Hello Grocare. This is my testimonial. Kindly upload it online so that everyone can see and understand how beneficial your products are. 
    I have been suffering from vertigo since the past 8 years. I was on Vertin tablets (Betahistine) for 6 years and was referred to psychiatrists various times by doctors because they thought I had a mental problem. After undergoing all of this - my personal and professional life took its toll on me. A friend of mine (Santosh Bokadia) was taking Grocare treatment for tinnitus and he told me it was very effective for him. Knowing it was a herbal medicine, reluctanly enough, I placed my first order with Grocare 4 months back. Today I can proudly say I am off Betahistine and its been a pleasure not visiting my doctor. I can sleep peacefully, can walk peacefully and its been a month since my last attack. I dont know how to thank you enough. May god bless you Sir. Thank you. 

    Rahul Vaidya, Mumbai

  • Hello,

    I started a treatment for hiatal hernia three weeks ago (hernica 1 sachet two times a day - acidim 2 sachets three times a day) and since then I've been pretty happy with the results. I noticed an immediate improvement of my symptoms, which honestly I wasn't expecting to happen so quickly.  I am 56 years old and weigh 150 pounds. Thank you again. I'm looking forward to successfully finish my treatment.
    raul reyes, USA

    raul reyes, USA

  • Hello Dear Sir. I have been using your products since 1 year now. Before I took the constipation treatment and then the hemorroids treatment since about 6 months. I am happy to inform you that I will be ordering my last month of medicine tomorrow, just as a precaution. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for saving me from the misery I have faced over the years. I will make sure I put in a good word with the lord for you. 

    Ronald, Age 72, Dallas, TX USA

  • I am an aspiring musician and dont make a lot and therefore am very stringent on funds. When I heard of your treatment it seemed out of scope expensive to me. But after 2 years of trying other treatments, I finally decided to get your treatment after seeing your testimonials rise. I have to tell you, after 1.5 months itself, it feels like I am over 80% cured. I can properly focus on my dream now. A Big Shoutout to the Grocare Team. Thanks !

    Ronnie Barman, New York, USA

  • After 8 years of suffering and over six surgeries, I got so fed up of walking into a clinic. My girlfriend mentioned Grocare and I looked it up, got in touch with the team and they guided me very well actually. It took me about 8 months to get cured completely. But I have stopped taking the medicines now and am finally free from this problem. Thank you very very much.

    Nathan Greene, California

  • It was really embarrassing to face such a problem. I could not even tell my family. With a heavy heart I ordered these medicines hoping for a miracle and after a few months of guidance from the polite staff at Grocare, I was completely normal. You guys are great. Please keep my information confidential. 

    Anonymous. London, UK

  • My son had this problem and was rejected from the Army physical exam because of this. Within 4 months, he was completely healed and has passed in the test day before yesterday. Thank you. God Bless you 

    Capt TR Sivam, Kochi, India

  • After 3 months of using this, I just want to say thank you. Its amazing to know something so effective is in the market for people suffering from this horrible disease. 

    Dwayne Zukerman, Miami, Florida

  • Hello there. After using the product for 3 months I am now feeling immense benefit and shall continue till this problem goes completely. I have noticed that the medicine and diet in combination acts much faster. God Bless you. 

    Anthony Gibbons, Victoria, Australia

  • I am 68 years of age and have been using these medicines for my gout problem since 7 months. After a journey with grocare and their immense support, now I can walk again without any stress. Thank you really. 

    Steve Sims, Los Angeles, USA

  • Your suggestion to double the dose of Acidim for about a week plus normal dose of Stomaid worked perfectly. I did it for a week and reverted to normal dosage soon after. I am now free of IBS since the 20th July. Thank God !

    Merlin Sequeira, Bangalore

  • Dear Sir, As per my observation I have been communicating to you and based on your guide lines and have been observing Last 2 months tinnitus sound decreased to 50% and I am happily sleeping in night times and last 2 days I observed that resound I am getting while observing others speaking and hearing capacity decreasing comparative earlier.

    Subramanyam Chetty K, Tirupati

  • your medecine is good i have started feelling some charges in my testicle pain is disapearing.good day sir.

    Peter Mwangi, Kenya

  • Hello. I am 65 years of age and a very healthy man. I never expected I would face a problem related to my health ever. But when I experienced pain in my lower abdomen, my local doctor prescribed some antacids to me and it helped it settle down at the time. But when the pain became regular, i had my self tested and realised I had diverticulitis. I did not know what it means so I started looking online to understand what it exactly is when I came across grocare. The last 6 months have been a life changing journey for me. its amazing I still have so much to learn after all these years and experience. The folks at Grocare Provided me with all the information I needed and more  - and spoke with such simple logic that appealed very well to a scientist such as myself. I will keep in touch to know how to be more healthy Grocare. Thank you so much. 

    Shawn Grover, Victoria, Austrailia

  • You know what. Im a big fan of you're company. Nothing has helped me so far as your medicines for diverticulitis in the last 3 months. I feel so young. There is no pain and all other problems of my body have become normal. Why are you not promoting more! I will make sure to publicize you guys from my end. 

    Paul Reene, Texas, USA

  • After visiting 15 hospitals over the course of 8 years and being prescribed incorrect medication by various doctors - vitamins, suppresents and many laxatives, I finally found Grocare over the internet. Obviously at first sight it seems too good to be true - and I dont want to sound like I am promoting the brand - I simply want to share my experience that when after going through so much, something so simple as your little tablets and powders can cure me within 5 months, there is nothing but a good thank you to say. I wish you good luck in future endeavours - you will always have my support Grocare. 

    David Beladichhino, New York

  • I took gc acidim from 2012 may to 2013 jan. On no medication since. Completely normal. Recommended to many friends since. 

    Omar Muhammad, Riyaz, Saudi

  • I have had gout for over 16 years now. I have visited many doctors and tried various treatments over the years.in February 2015, a friend recommended Grocare products to me for gout which I started taking. Its been 4 months now and there is absolutely no pain, my uric acid is in control and have never felt more alive. A thank you simply can not be enough to you Grocare. 

    Micheal Savins, California

  • Hi, my age is 42 and I had difficulty in eating, used to have loss of appetite. This had been there for nearly 4 years, changed a few doctors including Allopathy and Homeopathic, it was finally diagnosed as Diverticulitis but no treatment was effective. Many a times, I used to have vomitting tendency, and infrequent bowel movements. Then I took Grocare's products - referred by a friend, and since then my life has become better and in my control. Grocare's products are truely great !! I strongly recommend Grocare to others...

    S B Thorat, Age 42, Mumbai

    S B Thorat, Mumbai

  • I visited over 5 doctors in last 5 years, had pain in lower abdomen, sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhoea, some doctor said it is IBS, some said Colitis, and one doctor said it is Diverticulitis. By that time, I was quite exhausted and wanted to try something offbeat. So, I found on searching the internet about Grocare's Ayurvedic Treatment. I must say I am nearly cured after 5 months of treatment, though I got benefit within 3 weeks of beginning of treatment. Initially, it appeared a bit expensive to me, but now I feel it is great value for money. Thanks Grocare for saving my life.

    Abhishek Sharma, 32, Delhi

    Abhishek Sharma, Delhi

  • I am from Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India and have been suffering from the worst Gout attacks for over 10 years. Someone suggested Grocare's GC Tablets and Acidim for which I was very doubtful, but after some thoughts, decided to try for 1 month.

    Wtihin 15 days, I started to see improvement and then continued the medicines for 5 or 6 months, since then almost 9 months have passed, no attack of Gout at all, my Uric Acid levels are now down to about 5 from earlier levels of 9.

    Grocare is doing good job, keep it up.

    DHANSHYAMSINH DARBAR, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India 


  • I have been sufferring from Gout since been idetified around 2004 and could not be reduced the frequent acute pain attack on me in spite of avoiding high protien foods and consuming prescribed alopathy medicines. In fact I had turned out be vegitarian and I am non smokker and not consuming alcohol. Fortunately I could manage to google Grocare and found aurvedic medicines for Gout three months back, I have then ordered online and received very promptly and properly delivered Grocare medicines through courier. After consuming the Grocare medicine for 1.5 months I found good control on the attach which was not possible by alopathy medicines. My uric acid level started comming down significantly & For the past three months the gout attack been in good control, meaning I never had any acute attach during this period. I really experinced good result on Grocare Gout medicine. I would sicerely think that other gout sufferres must come to know about this Grocare medicine and be benefitted like me. My heartful wishes to the Grocare team for there best service to the society. Alalasundaram Saravanan, Singapore

    Alalasundaram Saravanan

  • Hi, kamini here from Bangalore.

    Had immense wrist pain for last one month and have shown to couple of doctors but no relief. Came to know about grocare and after consultation with grocare helpline, started medicine prescribed and got relief within 2 weeks. I will be continuing medicine Nervica + Acidim for 2 months so that I can get permanent relief from this pain.

    Kamini Vikesh Agarwal, Age 28, Bangalore

    Kamini Vikesh Agarwal, Bangalore

  • Hi,


    I have seen many improvement in my health (hiatal hernia) after using hernica and acidim for just 2 weeks. My bloating and gastric is almost cure and my bowel movement has become better each and every day. 




    David Amos Kok

    David Amos Kok, Sabah, Malaysia

  • I have only been taking the Varicocele medication for a very short time, but the pain has been reduced enough that I know your treatment is starting to work. But my pain has been extreme, so may take more then 10 days. But I have noticed a pain reduction. Thank you. My doctor who is trained by the pharmaceutical companies told me that they could no do surgery and there was no cure for my condition. So I turned to your company that is located in a place that has been curing people for thousands of years with nature. And of course it is working. Thank you for not just trying to make money by lying to people as the doctors do here in the U.S.A. The system here is all about profit and not about the patient. Your product is a miracle to me so far. Thank you for everything. When this medication gets low I will for sure order more! Thanks again Grocare India! Vince

    Vincent Polverini, California, USA

  • I have seen many improvement in my health after using hernica and acidim for just 2 weeks. My bloating and gastric is almost cure and my bowel movement has become better each and every day. I feel acidim has improve my sleep... I no longer having sleep start or hypnic jerk after taking acidim before sleep  due to my acid reflux. Sympton of reflux improves a lot too :) thank you grocare you have save thousand of life.
    My life was like 50% dead before i took grocare medicine...and now my life is back 90% thank u thank u so much. I do recommend to my friend too. Your medicine is superb.

    David Kok - Sabah, Malaysia

  • Aug, 2016 : Dear Grocare Team, I'm 35 years old. This is my testimonial. I was diagnosed by my Doc , i have hiatus hernia and stomach intestine metaplasia. I'm having problems digesting food (any kind), sleep disorder (hypnic jerk - wakes me up every seconds at nite until i only sleep 1 hour a day) and also stomach CHRONIC gastric (bleeding). My doc suggested surgery but he also mention the chances of success of the surgery is very little. So i started taking acidim + hernica since early June 2016. After 1 month; Miraculously my indigestion start to subsided, sleep disorder become less frequent (i can sleep 3-4 hours at this time) and gastric symptom also became less strong. After nearly 3 months taking acidim + hernica + nervica(added recently for my nervous system). I have NO MORE indigestion problem. Gastric symptom almost 90% cured and my sleep has been great (I can now sleep 6-7 hours a day without disturbance by gastric and hypnic jerk also gone). So for me this herbs is very effective. FYI i have been taking PPI medicine for the last 6 months before taking grocare herbs. I have throw away all my PPI and no longer using them as they caused me to have some vitamin deficiency, eye problems, bone ache, tinitus, very high acidic stomach etc... Just want to say thank you Grocare. If not because of your medicine i would not be living happily today with my family again. Kind Regards, David June, 2016: I have seen many improvement in my health after using hernica and acidim for just 2 weeks. My bloating and gastric is almost cure and my bowel movement has become better each and every day. I feel acidim has improve my sleep... i no longer having sleep start or hypnic jerk after taking acidim before sleep due to my acid reflux. Sympton of reflux improves a lot too :) thank you grocare you have save thousand of life. My life was like 50% dead before i took grocare medicine...and now my life is back 90% thank u thank u so much. I do recommend to my friend too. Your medicine is superb.

    David Amos Kok - Sabah, Malaysia

  • I am feeling a lot of relief from knee pain after taking Grocare for 1 1/2 months

    Vinitha Alex

  • Hello Sir. I would like to reorder the medicine and finish the course. There is so much benefit that I cannot believe it. Since 4 years I had this problem sir. It was so irritating. Couldnt stand, couldnt sit and no doctor could help. All they gave were sleeping pills. I couldnt get any work done. Had I known about your product earlier I would have ordered it then. Anyway in this 1 month of using, I now know that herbal is the real way for treatments and I would like to share this experience with everyone out there. Thank you so very much sir. I can play with my child now without worrying. I can lift him and make him swing with my hands again. This experience is like no other. Thank you again. 

    Hrishikesh Jain, Delhi

  • Sir, using since 3 weeks. much benefit and reduction in nausea and spinning. Thanks. 

    Hiren Shah, Vadodara

  • Hello there. I had vertigo since over 5 years. Doctors could not give me anything except for neuro suppresants. It was very bad, I was sleeping all day and could not get much done. Then Grocare helped me identify the real cause when I spoke to ma'am and now its much better. Thank you sir and ma'am.

    Pritish Bokadia, Chennai

  • Dear Sir,

    Been using your medicine for over 1 month. Promised results in 1 week but I got result in 3 weeks in the form of reduction in volume of sound and better sleep. Will keep using. Thank you Much.

    Albert James, Thiruvananthapuram

  • Very effective product. This has reduced the problem over 80% in 1.5 months. Please send more. Regards

    Subash Chakraborty, Barrackpore, West Bengal

  • Nervica and acidim used over a period of 1 month and one week. Now I have stopped. There is good benefit. Sleep has also improved. This is my testimonial. 

    Jayesh Patel, Delhi

  • Hello Grocare, I have been using nervica acidim for 2 weeks. I cant hear anything more. thank you so much. after 3 years of continuous ringing in my ears you dont know how good it feels to be free of that sound. Thank you so much

    Rakesh Shah, Ahmedabad, India

  • Hi I am 55 years age and was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for last several years. By accident, came in contact with Grocare from India and saw they talk a loud for healing Colitis. Having gone to top doctors of my country over many years, and claim coming from Asia, particularly India, I thought it would be another Internet loud talk. Therefore, with reluctant mind, I wrote to them and got a quick & convincing answer. Though the answer of Grocare was not on allopathic doctor's line of thinking, still there was a theory that sounded worth trying. So, I tried for just 1 month and saw benefits. This happened in August 2015 and Grocare asked me to take the products for at least 1 year. By December 2015, I started feeling over 50% better and since April 2016, are OFF Grocare products. Still, out of fear, I am keeping some stocks with me. I am very happy I met Grocare, thanks to them and wish them the very best....

    Don Robinson Jr. Texas, USA

  • Its been over a year since I was cured and I only recently thought of commenting on grocare medicines because I was undergoing another treatment with them. 
    I started consuming these medicines in Jan 2014 for IBS. I was taking another medicine for Colitis. But Grocare told me to stop using as that medicine and couple restotab with this for colitis improvement. I thought how would the same medicines help in multiple conditions. They explained the technicalities to me at the time which I still dont understand. Either case, in about 2 months, there was reduction in stress and pain in the region and bowel movements became smooth. But I was still going 2-3 times a day. So they altered my diet a bit. Turns out I was having too much fish. about another month down the line, I started getting firm stool, going only once a day and I had some acidity issue too which was also resolved. I just want to say thank you to grocare for helpling me get rid of my 7 year old problem. 

    Harihar Parrikar, New Delhi

  • Using grocare medicines since 2015 September. Great benefit. No more bleeding and pain has reduced several fold. Thank you grocare.

    Shailendra Shukla

  • Hello Grocare, I would like to thank you for prescribing hernica and acidim and guiding me in each step during the healing process. Over this period of 4 months, I have benefitted immensely from these medicines and I will be sharing my experience with my local group and relatives. You really do have a great product.

    Micheal Baker, California, USA

  • January 2016 : I am a housewife and was suffering from Hiatus Hernia and was taking all kinds of medicines for last 2 years, but did not get relief. I saw Grocare medicines – Hernica & Acidim and ordered it. I am taking these medicines since last 6 months and feeling good. Acid reflux has gone and no more discomfort. It has also tightened stomach muscles. Thanks to Grocare !!

    25 April 2016 : I am happy to share with you the good news !! My Hiatus hernia is completely gone. Doctors could not find it in my reports. They were very surprised !! Thanks to you and your team. !!

    Dipti Nitendra Singh - Meerut

  • February 2015 :
    Im 27 year old and suffering from hiatus hernia for 3 years I was suffered a lot from hyper acidity and heart burn for 3 years. I consulted a doctor and taken his treatment for 6 months but not cured then doctor told me about endoscopy and found hiatus hernia then doctor told me that there is no treatment in alopathy except surgery, I was so worried because it’s very early age of mine. One day I was searching a natural treatment of hiatus hernia on google then I found a company known as Grocare India and it’s product HERNICA and ACIDIM I thought I should try then I had it and that I found it’s working. I had took these medicines for 6 months and that found some magic was going on. Now the problems of mine hyper acidity and heart burn is no more. A special thanks to Grocare India. Im not saying that I cured 100% but it’s working. Thank you, Regards

    May 2015 :
    I got my Endoscopy done today and happy to say that No Hiatus hernia was found, I am so happy and thankful to you for completely curing the same. I am forwarding to you Endoscropy reports before and after treatment, so that others can benefit too.

    Click Here to Enlarge

    Prasoon Verma, Agra

  • Hello, my age is 41 Male living in Kolkata. I had Colitis for last 8 years. Tried everything Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathy, natural healers etc. but did not get a long lasting relief. Then tried Grocare products, benefits started from 1st month itself, took for 9 months and now absolutely fit and fine.


  • I am taking your medcine for hernia and prostate since more than a year. The diseases I have are contolled very well by your medicines.

    Robert Noronha, Mumbai

  • Hello -

         I ordered your product little less than three months ago - Hernica and Acidim for groin hernia.  It works very well!   I need to order another three months supply.  Many thanks. 

                                                            Jacob Berry, Texas, USA

    Jacob Berry

  • After using grocare medicine for 3 months I checked my spermcount. It is 35 million. Before medicine it is 25 million. Thank you sir

    Anil Akula

  • This being a sensitive matter, I don’t want to write my name. But still want to share my experience of how I avoided surgery and cured my Prostatitis by herbal products. I was suggested this company by my daughter who found this through a reference and then visited their website at www.grocare.com. At first sight, I thought this to be another internet hoax, but then it was in Pune and I got them checked and found nothing wrong. Then I took the risk of 1 month and now I have become a fan of Grocare. They are doing a good job of giving reliable and affordable healthcare. I have suggested this to many friends of mine.*

    Name not disclosed, Age 48, Mumbai

  • I am 53 years and work for Indian Army. Was advised surgery for prostate enlargement. A friend who had taken Grocare’s medicine for his knee pain suggested and I called them. They gave GC, ACIDIM and VINIDIA and in 4 months time flat, I am back to normal. I got it verified by our Doctor also. But will complete my course of 2 months more, just to be sure.*

    Shailendra Singh, Shillong

  • I noticed that for some time, I am taking more time in urination and also going more frequently. The flow became slow and I had to struggle to empty my bladder. Consulted my Doctor who suggested that my Prostates have enlarged and I needed to be operated for this. Doctor said that there is no other treatment other than surgery. I searched on the internet and found Grocare India. Asked for 1 month medicines and found some improvement. Now I am in the 5th month and feeling almost normal. Yesterday visited my Doctor who was rather surprised to see my condition and reports.*

    R K Agarwal, Age: 49 years, Delhi

  • I work in marketing and my job requires me to travel a lot. 15 years ago, I quit my job because I couldn’t travel as IBS used to really trouble me. I’ve visited so many doctors hence but the problem still remains. After giving up on everything, a friend suggested to try Grocare’s medication. So I called the helpline and spoke to them. It was very reassuring as they understood my problems very well. I’ve been taking STOMAID and ACIDIM for three months now, and I travel to minimum three locations once a month! Thank you Grocare for helping me live my life the way I want to. May God Bless you!*

    Ritesh Chaturvedi, Jaipur

  • I underwent ureteroscopic surgery and had one 16mm. kidney stone removed a year and a half ago. 6 months ago I was suggested another surgery for a new 11mm stone. It seemed like an endless cycle to me and someone suggested trying alternate medicine. I was taking something but the pain only kept increasing. So my friend, Akhilesh told me that he took Grocare’s medicine and was much better now. He also had same problem but he had much worse. After 4 months I can say that grocare medicine has helped a lot. Really thank you so very much. I want my feedback to be seen by others for their benefit.*

    Kuldeep Kaur, Chandigarh

  • I used to get blinding pain on the left side of my stomach after which I was diagnosed with multiple kidney stones upon getting an ultrasound done. I was given many options to get rid of them but none of them spoke about how to remove current stones and not to prevent them from coming back altogether. Thats when a friend suggested to call up Grocare India on their helpline. They gave me Acidim, GC and vinidia and very nicely explained how it will help me. Its been three months now and I already feel so much better.*

    Ashish Venkat, Thiruvananthapuram

  • I am a socialite and love throwing parties for friends. But now due to age, I get tired and cant enjoy the party. I read about activiz online and started taking it. It is an amazing product. It makes me feel energetic and relieves all my stress. I can now prepare for the party and enjoy it till the last bit. I strongly recommend this product for all people with hectic lifestyle. It is completely natural and doesn’t contain any steroids.

    Mrs. Chaudhary, Jaipur

  • My Lipid Profile was very bad with HDL at 26 and LDL at 180, Triglycerides at 250. I was already taking ACIDIM from Grocare for my Acidity problem and had developed confidence in the company. So I started LIPICAN and as suggested, got the Lipid Profile done again after 6 months. Now HDL is 54, LDL id at 140, Triglycerides is 140. I feel young and energetic.

    Sudhir Kalsullar, Thane, Mumbai

  • I was out with my family for a holiday, where suddenly I started feeling nausea and started having upset stomach. I was having severe cramps and couldn’t sleep the entire night. Luckily, a friend had a few STOMAID sachets with him..and he told me to take it as there was no doctor available. I took stomaid and after 2 hours repeated the dose. My cramps were gone and I started feeling better. After third dose I was completely fine. Now I also keep stomaid at home & carry it on all my trips.

    Jitendra Oswal, Pune

  • I was suffering from Arthritis for over 8 years and had swollen knees. Also, my Feet sole used to be swollen and used to pain a lot. I was on pain killers and Anti inflammatory drugs for all these years. Then I was told about Grocare and started taking NERVICA & ACIDIM both. I am now in 4th month of treatment, and the swelling is 100% gone. The pain is gone completely. Knee swelling is also less and I am very hopeful of complete cure within a month or so. No pain killers now..

    Mrs. Bansal, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

  • I am 65 years old from Shamli, Muzaffarnagar (U.P.). I had severe knee pain for many years and doctor told me to do knee surgery. Mittal Medicals of Shamli told me to take NERVICA & ACIDIM. I have taken these two medicines for 4 months, and happy to say that I am 95% cured. I have cancelled my surgery !! My family is also very happy because my knees are much better now !!

    Anonymous, Shamli, Dist. Muzaffarnagar

  • I had severe neck pain accompanied with headache for last several years occasionally , and the only treatment available was pain killer Combiflam, treatment of Nervica along with Acidim has yielded desired result within 3 days. Extremely effective medicine.

    Archana Bhandari, Pune

  • I have been taking NERVICA for over a year now. Can go for walk now. Earlier had difficulty in walking within the house.

    Fakhruddin Dhorajiwala, Malad (W), Mumbai

  • Likes Grocare products. I have tried ACIDIM which gives quick relief to acidity problem, very effective… recommend it.

    Mrs. Mithlesh Agarwal, Insurance consultant, Singapore

  • Thanks to NERVICA & ACIDIM..My Mummy’s knee pains have completely gone..

    Mrs. Shalini Garg, Vice Principal of a school, Navi Mumbai

  • Thank u DENCARE :-) Can enjoy d yummy flavours of ice cream now!!!! Worth the name !!!!!……

    Mrs Rashmi Bansal, Housewife, Delhi

  • I had IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome for over 6 years. Sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes constipation and weight loss. Continuous urge to go to Toilet but never feeling satisfied. Tried various allopathic doctors, also Ayurveda and Homeopaths, some were helpful initially but nothing could give me permanent cure. I used to be scared in going out not being sure when I need to go to Toilet. STOMAID and ACIDIM saved my life and now I move around happily and confidently.

    Amol, Gurgaon

  • I got my kidney stone removed 2 years ago. 3 Months ago, I was told that I have kidney stones once again !! I found grocare india and took their medicines for 3 months and now totally free from kidney stones. My acidity and burning feeling has gone. My general health has also improved. Thanks to Grocare !!


  • My father had Piles problem for many years. With Grocare medicines for few months, the problem is gone and my father is back to normal. Doctors had advised him of immediate surgery which he did not take due to his advancing age.

    Mukesh Gupta, Delhi

  • My friend drinks quite a lot and had poor liver function. He then used GC tablets of Grocare and now has a very healthy liver..

    V K Singh, Ludhiana

  • I was down with Hepatitis and was hospitalised. My Liver function was very poor and SGOT/SGPT were highly disturbed. With Grocare medicines, they are now regular and all Jaundice conditions and symptoms have gone. I would strongly recommend to all.

    Sanjay Kanwar, Sambalpur, Orissa

  • Irritable Bowel syndrome had shattered my confidence for over 5 years. Abdominal Cramps, amoebiasis, sometimes constipation, and visiting Toilet every hour, specially after any food were my companions. Tried STOMAID & ACIDIM and felt better within a week. Then continued for 6 months and now off the medicines and feeling great like never before.

    Murli Rao, Bangalore

  • I had a disturbed Cholesterol problem and was on Statins. After few months, Cramps and Lethargy developed and also stomach was not alright. I had few more deficiencies (don’t want to describe). My brother who lives in Mumbai recommended to me Grocare’s LIPICAN & ACTIVIZ which I got through my brother. Quickly Cramps and Fatigue disappeared and my Cholesterol profile is extremely good now. Now for any small problem, we trust Grocare India and order their products.

    Das, Philippines

  • I am 55 years male and started having urination problem for some time. Upon visiting a Doctor, they told me I had Prostate enlargement (Prostatitis) and had to be operated for that. I searched and found out Grocare’s medicines for this avoiding surgery. I took GC+ACIDIM+VINIDIA and continued for 4 months. At the end of 1 month, symptomatic relief was quite significant. Now I am ok and thank Grocare for avoiding my surgery.

    Mohan Agarwal, Pune

  • Dencare is wonderful product….i believed only after i used it

    Sanjay Kanwar, Sambalpur, Orissa

  • I had Fissures/ Hemorrhoids / Piles / problems for over 10 years. Doctors were confusing me among these three words. I could not drive, could not sit, could not drive a two wheeler, and it was so embarrassing to get an itching and uncomfortable back. Problem used to come off and on, specially after or during travelling, or a bit of extra work.. Some blood, sometimes more blood and it was scary to see my bowels with fresh blood. I tried many doctors, Vaidyas and Homeopath but the treatments were not long lasting. They used to work for a while, and the problem used to come back…A friend of mine suggested Grocare and said he has been cured with Restotab and Activiz. I was not sure whether to believe my friend and start these medicines. Somehow decided to try the treatment only for 45 days. Started seeing results within 10 days or so. Then I continued for about 6 months, and believe me, I am totally cured now. I stopped the treatment over 8 months ago, and now no problem whatsoever. I would be happy to recommend Grocare to all !!

    Harish Rawat, Delhi

  • Hi, my name is Marianne, I am from Brisbane, Australia. I have Kidney stones for last few years. 2 Years ago, I got them removed by a procedure, but this year they started to bother me again. This time I was more careful and my Doctor told me to undergo the same procedure one more time. I understood from somewhere else that this problem resurfaces again and again. So, I wanted to try alternatives and looked at Grocare India’s products. Initially with disbelief, I ordered for 3 months, but the medicines arrived in 5 days flat, nice packing, nice presentation, and I was pleasantly surprised, coming it from India. Within 2 weeks of starting the treatment, my pain reduced and kept reducing and it is almost gone. I am now through one and a half months, and I am confident that I will be cured. I am getting lots of side benefits, as mentioned by Grocare India. Keep up the good work, Grocare !!

    Marianne, Brisbane, Australia

  • You are already aware that my wife is a breast cancer survivor and taking Letero 2.5mg and Shelcal 500mg since 3 years and to be taken for 2 more years. She has been suffering from migraine for the past 30 years and taken so many medicines and consulted so many Neuro, ENT and General Physicians. All were useless. Once in two days she has to take Dolopar 650 or Voveran+ to get relief from migraine pain. We are now very happy to inform you that after started taking Acidim from 23.09.15 she has not taken any pain killers till date. We thank God for showing your website when I was browsing internet to find how to remove GB stones w/o surgery. At that time only I came to know about your company and your medicines for various ailments. We whole heartedly thank Grocare India for this wonderful medicines.

    Nirmal & Jayaseeli, Coimbatore

  • I had Hemorrhoids / Piles / Fissures problems for over 15 years. It used to come off and on, specially after eating outside food, or travelling, or a bit of extra work.. I used to pass some blood, sometimes more blood and it used to be very uncomfortable. I tried many doctors, Vaidyas and Homeopath but the treatments were not long lasting. They used to work for a while, and the problem used to come back…Then someone suggested Restotab and Activiz. Initially, I thought of Grocare as another company to make me poorer. But somehow reluctantly decided to try the treatment only for 45 days (their minimum packing). To my surprise, I started seeing results within a week. Then I continued for about 5 months, and believe me, I am totally cured now. I stopped the treatment over 7 months ago, and no problem whatsoever. Great work indeed Grocare !!

    Rajesh Ag, Pune

  • I had taken your medicine Lipican for about six months and three months later lipid profile was taken. It showed a reduction in cholesterol from 259 to 199 and HDL went up from 33 to 42. I feel quite satisfied with this experience. I have used Hernica and found it to good results though can not give out numbers as I did not do any tests. Regards

    P K Jain, New Delhi

  • I went for routine ultrasound and came to know that I have gallstones. But doctor told me that I have to remove my gall bladder through surgery and this is the only way. I was too afraid of surgery, so my friend, Sunder told me that he took Grocare’s medicine and was much better now. He also had same problem but he had much worse with pain and discomfort. After 4 months I can say that grocare medicine has helped a lot. Really thank you so very much. I want my feedback to be seen by others for their benefit.

    Laksmi, Chennai

  • I used to get severe pain in my upper abdomen after which I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stones after sonography. I was told that only options to get operated and get gall bladder removed. Thats when a friend suggested to call up Grocare India on their helpline. They gave me Acidim, GC and Lipican and very nicely explained how it will help me. Its been three months now and I already feel so much better. Thank you Grocare India.

    Anonymous, Gurgaon

  • Hello, I am Jannie from Sydney, Australia. My age is 51. I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stone 22 mm in size. I had associated symptoms and problems for over 4-5 months. Was advised removal of Gall bladder by my doctor friend. Another friend suggested Grocare’s name as alternative treatment without any need of surgery. I was told by this friend that Gall bladder is an essential part of body, and its removal causes long term problems so dont remove it unless one is forced to. It was discussed in my house, and no one supported me, except my husband. My doctor emphatically told me that Surgery is the only answer and these Grocare people may be just another site making false claims, but I believed my reference and decided to give it a try. After 5 months, I did an Ultrasound, even though Grocare had asked me to do it after 6 to 7 months, and to my pleasant surprise, there was no stone whatsoever. I got it reconfirmed by CT Scan that there is no stone left. My general condition has also improved dramatically.
    Thanks for saving my life, Grocare !! I feel that modern doctors should definitely give it a serious try !!

    Jannie, Sydney, Australia

  • My wife who is 34 was diagnosed with acute cholecystisis or inflammation of the gall bladder. Recommendation was to visit a surgeon, no doubt for surgery to remove the gall bladder. You seem to be our hope of doing without surgery and yet get well! what is the remedy? I am in Uganda
    3 Months Later :
    Dear Grocare,
    I am Amos. Remember I bought your Medicine in November last year 2015, the truth is that it has worked because my wife- the patient tells me that she has since improved greatly, with virtually no pains in her lower right, just under the breast or at the back below the shoulder blade. this is evidence that her gall bladder is healing.

    Amos Elyau, Uganda

  • I have been taking your medicines for Gallbladder Stone for past 4 months, I have now undergone the test and found no stone. Therefore, I am stopping the medicines !!

    Jagan Mohan, Chennai

  • I was diagnosed with varicose veins and doctor told me to do surgery. But I was scared of surgery and its high cost. I read about nervica and acidim in a brochure and tried it. After about 2 weeks I started feeling better – no pain, reduced swelling. I am now 75% better.

    Mrs. Dasgupta, Housewife, Age 49, Kolkata

  • My varicose veins were behind the left knee. I am a housewife. At day time due to my standing in kitchen, I used to have pain killer. At night, I used to feel twitching and as if someone is pulling my veins from inside. Nights used to be terrible and it was impossible to go to sleep without a pain killer. This was the situation for over 20 years. I took NERVICA & ACIDIM with no confidence and with lots of doubt. But the medicines worked wonders. No more pain killers at all now. No twitching either.. Now I am almost cured. Once in a while, take both these products when I am under lot of work load.

    Sandhya, Housewife, Pune

  • Hello, I had varicose veins for over 10 years. Being in a position in school, I am standing or walking most of the times. I tried all kinds of medicines for my varicose veins but nothing worked. Then someone told me about NERVICA & ACIDIM from Grocare. I saw their website and also spoke to them. Initially ordered 1 box not being sure about the company and the promised results. But results were much better than promised !! I am now giving Grocare products to many in my family to our complete satisfaction…

    Mrs. Vidya Venugopal, Bangalore

  • I am using your grocare products for my prolonged varicose vein problem and the pain in the affected areas has drastically reduced, upto 50%. Thanks a lot. I am taking this medicines for the past ten days only.

    R. P. SAMY, Chennai

  • My mother is having this varicose vein from past 28 years. .but she didn’t took it seriously as it was not painful in the starting..But now my mother is 54 years old and this year she started feeling so much pain in legs, thighs and her foot. So I asked every doctor of each and every hospital, they told me that it needs surgery and some private hospitals said that we can treat it with laser also & it will get removed for forever but I asked the patient treated by them to find out that do they actually what they say and then I came to know that Varicose vein can occur again after surgery also. So I searched on internet and came to know about Grocare. Initially I didn’t believe that it can be cured by just taking two medicines. Gorcare told me to try for a month so I just gave a try and ordered one month’s medicine. Now it has been 2 months that my mother is taking these medicines and touchwood, she is all well with very less pain and soon I am 100% sure that the pain will go away for ever. And trust me, it works like a Charm. I can can never be thankful enough to Grocare for helping me to get my mother’s condition all well. Thank you Grocare and all the best for future work that you are doing for people

    Priyanka Sharma, Mohali, Punjab

  • I was diagnosed with Varicocele. I had sexual problems, pain & swelling in my groin region and was advised surgery. My friend who has been using Grocare medicines suggested me to try Grocare treatment. I am thankful to my friend and now very happy with the results

    P K Srivastava, Chennai

  • I was suffering from Varicocele and Cysts from last 2-3 years and tried all treatments, but nothing worked. I was also operated for Varicocele but the problem had continued. Finally, one of my friends recommended Grocare and I took their medicines. I was told that this will be cured within 6 months time. But I am feeling like cured within 2 months itself !! Thanks Grocare for getting me rid of this problem for which Doctors were scaring me like hell, telling me only surgery is the answer.

    R P Samy, Chennai

  • Good mrng sir thanks for suggesting me VC Kit for Varicocele pls know I am free with the pain for using the medicines for only 14 days Nervica, Acidim & Activiz. Thanks to you.

    Abdul Saleem Khan, Hyderabad

  • I had a Hernia surgery done in 1995. In 2013, once again, pain started and Doctor told me Hernia has relapsed and needs an operation urgently. I found on the internet HERNICA from Grocare but was not sure. Still, since there was time for my surgery, so I started taking Hernica. Within a week, my pain reduced and I continued the treatment for 3 months. Now I am absolutely fine, thanks to HERNICA !! I strongly suggest people with Hernia (specially at early stages) to try HERNICA.

    Anonymous, Age 54, New Delhi

  • Thanks to HERNICA, my Hernia after C Section cesarean delivery is totally gone!! I was so scared of the surgery. Doctors told me that Hernia can not be cured without surgery and anyone claiming otherwise is a hoax..Grocare proved them wrong as I am fine without any surgery.

    Mrs. Vaka, Hyderabad

  • When I first saw Hernia treatment without surgery on google, I thought it was a hoax. Then I called up Grocare India and spoke to them. I thought there is nothing much to loose in ordering 1 box, so I ordered one. Within the first month, Pain, bloating, Gas etc disappeared. I was asked to take HERNICA for 5 to 6 months which I did. My Hernia became soft in the 3rd month. In the 5th month, It was not noticeable anymore. In the 6th month, it was totally gone !! My advice is to have patience and HERNICA will surely heal all types of Hernia. After I got cured, I have suggested it to many people and they all thank me !!

    Sanjay Agarwal, Delhi

  • Hi Team Grocare, I Robert Noronha have been under grocare medication (Hernica) as there was Hernia growth in the belly button. When consulted a Doctor, they suggested an operation and there was no other way out. After consuming Hernica for 55 days, I was surprised to see that there has been tremendous improvement. Thank you Grocare.

    Robert Noronha , Mumbai

  • Around 6 months back when my mother was diagnosed with hernia we were actually shocked bcz she had already gone under d knife in past for 5 times( 2 childbirth surgeries, 1 hernia, 1 intestine rupture(duodenum)and 1 more laparoscopic surgery ) . Only a person who understands surgeries can feel the pain of d patient and it was almost unbearable to get her operated again. I had Cafinal exams on my head and everyone knows d reality of Ca. If she was to be operated I had to suffer a lot. Doctors had clearly stated that operation is must and I also know that operation is d only solution in allopathic treatment. Looking at this I started searching for alternative modes to atleast prevent surgery for 6-7 months and found Grocare India. I immediately called call center and Madam explained me everything. With zero trust, frankly speaking,  I ordered Hernica and Acidim to check if they work. Soon after d treatment began she faced problems of constipation and discomfort so we discussed again with call center and modified d treatment and then d miracle happened. D bulge of hernia got disappered in 1 month and her intestines subsided to normal position. However as a precaution I continued medicine for entire 6 months and she’s absolutely fine now. D abdominal bloating, hanging of fat, haemoglobin deficit, blood pressure, frequent vomitting, headaches, pain, everything is now gone as against my trust. I had no trust in d beginning but now I trust it completely. This statement is coming from a Person who’s not allowed to misstate anything. I have seen surgeries live as I had interest in medical profession but due to some problems I had to quit that field . I recommend everyone to atleast try it once before u get operated to see it’s affect. No doubt d medicines r a bit costly but d benefit recovers everything so no worry.I thank Grocare for such medicine and a heartfelt thanks to d madam sitting in call center whose patience encourages d patients like anything. U r extremely cooperating.

    P Shashi Kumar, Gotan (Rajasthan)

  • Thanks ! You have a quality product! I do believe it’s working for my Hernia !

    Mike Delez, Alaska, USA

  • January 2016 :
    I am a housewife and was suffering from Hiatus Hernia and was taking all kinds of medicines for last 2 years, but did not get relief. I saw Grocare medicines – Hernica & Acidim and ordered it. I am taking these medicines since last 6 months and feeling good. Acid reflux has gone and no more discomfort. It has also tightened stomach muscles. Thanks to Grocare !!

    25 April 2016 :
    I am happy to share with you the good news !! My Hiatus hernia is completely gone. Doctors could not find it in my reports. They were very surprised !!
    Thanks to you and your team. !!

    Dipti Nitendra Singh - Meerut

  • February 2015 :
    Im 27 year old and suffering from hiatus hernia for 3 years I was suffered a lot from hyper acidity and heart burn for 3 years. I consulted a doctor and taken his treatment for 6 months but not cured then doctor told me about endoscopy and found hiatus hernia then doctor told me that there is no treatment in alopathy except surgery, I was so worried because it’s very early age of mine. One day I was searching a natural treatment of hiatus hernia on google then I found a company known as Grocare India and it’s product HERNICA and ACIDIM I thought I should try then I had it and that I found it’s working. I had took these medicines for 6 months and that found some magic was going on. Now the problems of mine hyper acidity and heart burn is no more. A special thanks to Grocare India. Im not saying that I cured 100% but it’s working. Thank you, Regards

    May 2015 :
    I got my Endoscopy done today and happy to say that No Hiatus hernia was found, I am so happy and thankful to you for completely curing the same. I am forwarding to you Endoscropy reports before and after treatment, so that others can benefit too.

    Anonymous - Agra

  • Please be advised since my first order of Hernica & Acidim is about to end. I also want to know what it is that causes the hernia I have inguinal right side that after almost 90 days with your treatment I can clearly see benefits . I can’t thank you enough for the diet recommendation and Dencare and look forward to my new supply of Hernica & Acidim and the Acne products work on my 19 yr old college daughter.

    Michael D. Severino - California, USA

  • I took a medicines that’s work for Cure hernia without any operation. I feel better – this is the good way to cure any type of hernia I recommend to those persons who suffered from it. Taken this medicine hernica with acidim. I m really thankful to invention of those medicine. thanks grocare India !! Kind regards

    Anil Verma - Agra

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