Dissolve Gallstones Naturally

At Grocare, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Trusted by thousands, our specially designed Gallstone kit helps dissolves your gallstones without surgery. No one likes to get operated on, and we make sure you won't ever have to. 


Xembran® is specifically designed as a bacteriostatic and bactericidal to promote healthy gut bacteria and regulating the acid levels in the body


Seosis® restores the metabolism of the human body by addressing the liver & gallbladder directly - balancing bile, salts & bilirubin production.


GC is specifically designed to help liver cells regeneration. It helps regularise liver function & restores healthy synchronisation between liver & gall bladder


Acidim® helps balance the pH of the entire body seamlessly, reduces acid reflux & bloating naturally thereby helping digestion & clearing the body of toxins

How it works?

Specially formulated for gallstones, this kit works to reduce acid reflux, bloating and inflammation in the liver & gall bladder, while strengthening the digestive system thus helping dissolve gallstones naturally.

GC® helps to regerate the liver and rejuvenates the syncronization between the liver and gall bladder. Seosis® works reducing the excess formation of cholesterol, bile salts & bilirubin. Xembran® takes care of H pylori & other pathogenic bacteria & restores natural gut microflora, which is one of the most common reasons for gallstones according to scientific studies. GC® and Acidim® togther also reduce the oxidative stress on both the gall bladder & liver thus giving strength to the organs & making sure gallstones dissolve naturally. 

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How to Take

GC® - 1 tablet twice daily—after breakfast & dinner

Seosis® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast & dinner

Xembran® - 1 tablet after breakfast, 2 tablets after dinner

Acidim® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast & dinner


Pain & discomfort usually reduce within a few days. Other benefits noticed within a month are smooth bowel movements, reduction in regurgitation, bloating and acid reflux.

Significant changes in gallstone size can be noticed 4th month onwards.

This Gallstone Kit is typically recommended for 6 to 8 months, or until complete recovery. 

It is important to follow the diet chart provided, for optimum results. 


Laksmi, Chennai

I went for routine ultrasound and came to know that I have gallstones. But doctor told me that I have to remove my gall bladder through surgery and this is the only way. I was too afraid of surgery, so my friend, Sunder told me that he took Grocare’s medicine and was much better now. He also had same problem but he had much worse with pain and discomfort. After 4 months I can say that grocare medicine has helped a lot. Really thank you so very much. I want my feedback to be seen by others for their benefit.

Anonymous, Gurgaon

I used to get severe pain in my upper abdomen after which I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stones after sonography. I was told that only options to get operated and get gall bladder removed. Thats when a friend suggested to call up Grocare India on their helpline. They gave me Acidim, GC and Lipican and very nicely explained how it will help me. Its been three months now and I already feel so much better. Thank you Grocare India.

Jannie, Sydney, Australia

Hello, I am Jannie from Sydney, Australia. My age is 51. I was diagnosed with Gall bladder stone 22 mm in size. I had associated symptoms and problems for over 4-5 months. Was advised removal of Gall bladder by my doctor friend. Another friend suggested Grocare’s name as alternative treatment without any need of surgery. I was told by this friend that Gall bladder is an essential part of body, and its removal causes long term problems so dont remove it unless one is forced to. It was discussed in my house, and no one supported me, except my husband. My doctor emphatically told me that Surgery is the only answer and these Grocare people may be just another site making false claims, but I believed my reference and decided to give it a try. After 5 months, I did an Ultrasound, even though Grocare had asked me to do it after 6 to 7 months, and to my pleasant surprise, there was no stone whatsoever. I got it reconfirmed by CT Scan that there is no stone left. My general condition has also improved dramatically.
Thanks for saving my life, Grocare !! I feel that modern doctors should definitely give it a serious try !!

Amos Elyau, Uganda

My wife who is 34 was diagnosed with acute cholecystisis or inflammation of the gall bladder. Recommendation was to visit a surgeon, no doubt for surgery to remove the gall bladder. You seem to be our hope of doing without surgery and yet get well! what is the remedy? I am in Uganda
3 Months Later :
Dear Grocare,
I am Amos. Remember I bought your Medicine in November last year 2015, the truth is that it has worked because my wife- the patient tells me that she has since improved greatly, with virtually no pains in her lower right, just under the breast or at the back below the shoulder blade. this is evidence that her gall bladder is healing.

Jagan Mohan, Chennai

I have been taking your medicines for Gallbladder Stone for past 4 months, I have now undergone the test and found no stone. Therefore, I am stopping the medicines !!

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You will also receive a diet plan with the medicines via email. Please follow the plan for best results. The Full Treatment is for 6-8 months but you may choose to purchase the treatment in parts as per your convenience. This being a metabolic disease, results may vary from person to person and may take more time in individual cases.

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