We care for you much more than you care for yourself. We show this by our formulations for Varicocele. Grocare India presents ORONERV, ACIDIM & ACTIVIZ – which have together helped thousands of people handle their Varicocele naturally. No one likes to get operated on and we make sure you won’t ever have to. 


Oronerv is the only herbal medicine that helps in restoration and synchronisation of the Nervous and Vascular systems in the body.


Acting as a catalyst to the healing process, Activiz synchronises your internal systems in such a way that they run harmoniously.


Acidim is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps balance the pH of the entire body seamlessly

How it works?

ORONERV strengthens the valves & the inner linings of the veins to smoothen blood flow. ACTIVIZ acts as a catalyst to the healing process by providing synergy to associated systems. ACIDIM reduces the production of free radicals & toxins, thus reducing the pressure on valves. Thus the valves start functioning normally and regular blood flow resumes. This varicocele treatment is equally effective for post surgical complications.

In some cases, if Varicocele is accompanied with Constipation, Acidity, Weight imbalance - XEMBRAN is also recommended

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How to Take

ORONERV (2 tablets) & ACTIVIZ (2 tablets) twice daily after breakfast & dinner. ACIDIM (2 tablets) thrice daily after breakfast, lunch & dinner. Total varicocele treatment is for 6-7 months based on the severity of the case. Symptomatic reduction in varicocele pain will be visible within one month. However, to see any significant benefits like reduction in swelling, at least four months are needed.

A diet chart will be provided with the kit, which should be followed for best results. 

In case of Constipation, Add Xembran 1 tablet after breakfast & 2 tablets after dinner.

Anonymous, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India



Kindly find attached my payment confirmation for the order below for 40 day varicocele kit. Your medicines have benefited me a lot. Thank you.

Please rush the kit to me as soon as you can since I have almost run out of Oronerv.

Peter Mwangi, Kenya

your medecine is good i have started feelling some charges in my testicle pain is disapearing.good day sir.

Vincent Polverini, California, USA

I have only been taking the Varicocele medication for a very short time, but the pain has been reduced enough that I know your treatment is starting to work. But my pain has been extreme, so may take more then 10 days. But I have noticed a pain reduction. Thank you. My doctor who is trained by the pharmaceutical companies told me that they could no do surgery and there was no cure for my condition. So I turned to your company that is located in a place that has been curing people for thousands of years with nature. And of course it is working. Thank you for not just trying to make money by lying to people as the doctors do here in the U.S.A. The system here is all about profit and not about the patient. Your product is a miracle to me so far. Thank you for everything. When this medication gets low I will for sure order more! Thanks again Grocare India! Vince

P K Srivastava, Chennai

I was diagnosed with Varicocele. I had sexual problems, pain & swelling in my groin region and was advised surgery. My friend who has been using Grocare medicines suggested me to try Grocare treatment. I am thankful to my friend and now very happy with the results

R P Samy, Chennai

I was suffering from Varicocele and Cysts from last 2-3 years and tried all treatments, but nothing worked. I was also operated for Varicocele but the problem had continued. Finally, one of my friends recommended Grocare and I took their medicines. I was told that this will be cured within 6 months time. But I am feeling like cured within 2 months itself !! Thanks Grocare for getting me rid of this problem for which Doctors were scaring me like hell, telling me only surgery is the answer.

Abdul Saleem Khan, Hyderabad

Good mrng sir thanks for suggesting me VC Kit for Varicocele pls know I am free with the pain for using the medicines for only 14 days Nervica, Acidim & Activiz. Thanks to you.

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The Full Treatment is for 6 to 7 months but you may choose to purchase the treatment in parts as per your convenience.

PRICE : US $164.88 FOR 40 DAYS Free shipping above US $120

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